G5 Access Bowl Roundup

The top-ranked champion of the “Group of Five” or G5 conferences earns a slot in one of the New Year Six bowls – this year the Peach Bowl or Fiesta Bowl. For the second week in a row, the American Athletic Conference is the only G5 conference appearing in the College Football Playoff Committee top 25 rankings. With three AAC teams there, to all others’ zero, it is safe to say that the American has established itself as the cream of the G5s. While that gives the AAC champ the inside track, the other conferences have some contenders lurking, and worst-case AAC fratricide could leave the door open.
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On the Veterans Classic and Navy Basketball

Well, I’m officially an “old grad.”

I came to this realization as I took my seat in Alumni Hall to watch Temple and North Carolina warm up before game one of the Veterans Classic. We had some fun events on the yard when I was a mid, I guess, with the usual slate of concerts and such. There was an advanced screening of Apollo 13 hosted by Jim Lovell himself that was pretty cool. We certainly had good basketball; Navy was the class of the Patriot League. But we never had anything like the Veterans Classic.

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Navy 55, SMU 14

I don’t get to Annapolis as often as I’d like, but when I do make the trip, I’m fortunate enough to be welcome at a few tailgaters. One of the groups I meet up with usually has about 15-20 people each week. On Saturday, that number ballooned to 50. There were people who bought last-minute plane tickets to fly in from as far away as Texas or Florida. Some, because they lived so far away, were attending their first Navy game in years. One intrepid contributor to this blog flew in from Norway– Norway!– just to make it in time for the fourth quarter.

It made me happy. I was happy to see my friends, obviously, but it also told me that Navy fans truly appreciate what they’re seeing this season. I wasn’t sure that was the case.

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Postgame Haiku, Vol. 96

Top 25 team
Navy played like one today
Led by the seniors

Game Week: SMU

In the fine Navy art of FITREP writing, we are taught that eventually, “potential” becomes a bad word. It’s great to see when you’re a young ensign setting out on your career. The longer it sticks around, though, the greater the chance that it’ll be preceded by the word “unrealized.”

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Navy 45, Memphis 20

I’m still having a difficult time wrapping my head around the enormousness of Saturday’s game. There are so many angles to discuss that I don’t know where to start. We’ll go with the basics, I guess.

Navy defeated Memphis 45-20 on Saturday night to move to 7-1 on the season and 5-0 in the American Athletic Conference. They are now tied with Houston atop the West division. Memphis, ranked #13 by the Playoff Committee coming into the game, suffered their first loss of the season and fell to 8-1. Chris Swain had 108 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns to earn league Offensive Player of the Week honors, while DeBrandon Sanders had a career day with 82 rushing yards and a 75-yard touchdown reception. Lorentez Barbour paced the defense with 9 tackles and a forced fumble.

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Postgame Haiku, Vol. 95

Control the tempo
Control the Memphis offense
Control division


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