Navy Notables – 12/15/14

Sir, there are 362 days until Navy beats Army to make it 14 in ’15, Sir!

Good morning!  I hope everyone has recovered from watching the Army-Navy game this weekend.  It was a fantastic outing in Baltimore – one that I can not wait to repeat in 2016.  Don’t get me wrong, the Linc is a fantastic venue for the game.  But I do love the ease of getting in to Baltimore and home in one relatively short day.  Having College Gameday there made it all that much better.  FYI, if you were at the game and forgot to record Gameday, you can still catch it archived on watchESPN.  Also, if you were at the game, you may have missed the tease that lead in to the broadcast on CBS.  Go watch it now – it was great as always.

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Postgame Haiku, Vol.86

Navy wins again
Doesn’t have to be pretty
When it’s beautiful


I’ve gotten a lot of things wrong lately when it comes to Army.

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Navy Notables – 12/9/14

Good afternoon Navy fans!  It’s been a few days since we had a Notables post, so this one is chock full of news about uniforms, footballs, bowl games, and more.  Click on through to get the latest (since the last post) Navy sports news.

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Football commentary from national outlets, for the most part, sucks. Whether in print or over-the-air, discussion of the game consists primarily of clichés and conventional wisdom regurgitation being passed off as insight. There’s a reason for this. It’s hard enough to be knowledgeable and detailed when discussing one program. When there’s over 100 in the entire FBS, there’s no way anyone can speak with authority on all of them. The talking heads can’t tell their audience that, of course, so instead they give us talking points. It doesn’t matter how true they are; they just have to make you sound smart. Repeat them enough, and they’ll be accepted as fact.

When you’re a fan of an option football team, you’re quite familiar with the talking points. Tell me if you’ve heard this before:

*clears throat*

“Defending this offense is all about assignment football. You need one man on the dive, one man on the quarterback, and one man on the pitch. And you need to hit the quarterback on every play. If you do that, you can get them off schedule, and this offense isn’t built for 3rd & long. It’s not a quick-strike offense, so if you get an early lead you can force them to throw the ball, which isn’t their strength. It’s not an offense designed to come from behind.”

Yeah, we might’ve heard that once or twice or every day.

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Navy to Wear Custom Under Armour – – The United States Naval Academy Official Athletic Site

Navy to Wear Custom Under Armour – – The United States Naval Academy Official Athletic Site.

Hot fire, people. Hot fire.


Army lost to Yale.


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