Postgame Haiku, Vol. 69

That was unpleasant
Sometimes you just have to laugh
It’s one of those days


Postgame Haiku, Vol. 68

A lot like last year
Army left it all out there
This is why we watch


It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Navy fans, what with conference realignment starting again and Arizona State receiving a bid to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. We’ll get to all that stuff in due time. Right now, only one thing matters. You know what it is.

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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Possible Opponents – Final Update

We’re about 30 hours away from finding out all the BCS bowls, so we’re even closer to finding out who Navy plays in San Francisco in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. The PAC-12 title has been decided – Stanford edged out UCLA by scoring the game’s final 10 points, sending the Cardinal to the Rose Bowl. For our final look, we’re just going to run down all the bowl eligible teams and I’ll give you my best guess where they go.

Spoiler Alert: I’m picking Arizona State

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