About The Birddog

My name is Mike, and I graduated from the Naval Academy in 1999. I started The Birddog in 2007 as a way to foster conversations about Navy athletics, especially football, that were more in-depth and intelligent than I was finding elsewhere (yes, I am aware of how pompous that sounds).

The original “Birddogs” were members of a national network of Navy boosters that would alert the Navy coaching staff to outstanding high school student-athletes in their areas. Time Magazine once called them “perhaps the most extensive recruiting service in college football.” Such a group would be obsolete today, but I liked the idea of a far-flung, informal association of Navy football advocates. That was the inspiration behind the name of the site.

The blog was a modest success, and soon got the attention of Rivals.com, who chose me to start a Navy site for their network. Today, you’ll find my thoughts on Navy sports at TheMidReport.com. This blog started collecting dust after the move, but I’ve decided to give it a semi-revival as a platform to discuss other things on my mind. We’ll see how it goes.

12 thoughts on “About The Birddog

    1. Anonymous

      Class of ’67: I was recruited to play football at Navy by a “Birddog” as was Roger! I received a scholarship to NMMI as was Roger! Don’t ask where my appointment came from!

  1. Felix

    I’m so happy to have this blog to read. It’s good to know that there are other Navy football fans out there who think about the game other than on any given Saturday. Go Navy!

  2. Bob K '77

    Thanks so much for all of your commentary, analysis and teaching about Navy football. I’ve enjoyed reading your material so much this year. Hope I get to wave to you at the EagleBank Bowl. I’ll be in 540.

  3. Hey Birddog,

    Do you have the dates for any Navy home games in the 2112 season. I am working on putting together a Class (57) reunion schedule. Thank you for whatever info you may have.

    Great Blog!!


    Peter Junghans

  4. I don’t have schedule dates for 2012. Honestly, game dates change so often that they’re kind of useless to post that far out anyway. You’ll probably see 2012 dates when the new media guide comes out this summer.

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