The Armed Forces Bowl was originally supposed to be between Navy and a Mountain West team. With my new high-capacity DVR, I was going to be prepared. I recorded every Mountain West game I could find, including all of Air Force’s and New Mexico’s televised conference games to see how their opponents defended the option. Whatever Mountain West team Navy would be lining up against, I was ready for them.

LOL at me.


Navy-Notre Dame headed for Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium from the Southbank
Jacksonville’s EverBank Field from the Southbank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A couple of tweets of interest:

Florida-Georgia is usually played on or near the last weekend of October. It just so happens that the Navy-Notre Dame game that still needs a home in 2016 is scheduled for the first weekend of November that year. Navy-Notre Dame was the only game specifically mentioned by Gator Bowl officials during their presentation to the Jacksonville city council on EverBank Field’s renovation and new scoreboards last month. The Gator Bowl Committee has targeted Navy for a neutral site game in Jacksonville for years, attempting to arrange games against both Notre Dame and Florida State. Is the plan finally coming together?

Not exactly our best performance

Greetings Navy fans! Who among us can contain their excitement after Saturday? I had the unenviable task of re-watching the Navy-Notre Dame game tonight. I should get paid extra for that because it was every bit as painful as watching a stammering plebe deliver a chow call with three menacing upperclassmen surrounding him. From Gary Danielson’s lame announcing to the jealous Irish Rugby guy, I could have watched Battleship and been happier. Anyway, there are a lot of analogies one could use to describe Navy’s loss to Notre Dame, but anything that involves inappropriate prison humor will suffice. But let’s not forget, this game is always a stretch for Navy. I’m not just falling back on old clichés about how we should NEVER beat Notre Dame, but it’s always a tall order. Ten years ago I would have given anything just to beat Notre Dame once in my lifetime. By the way, I hope God doesn’t collect on some of the things I promised to give up if Navy ever beat Notre Dame. Please Lord!!! Needless to say, we’ve been insanely blessed to win 3 of the last 6 games against the Irish.

Last year’s game featured a Notre Dame team that was just plain solid. This year was no different. It’s one of Mike’s pet peeves to talk about intangibles like heart and preparedness for a game. Why? Because as fans we have no clue how prepared the teams are or how much heart they exerted. Either way, Brian Kelly seems to have had the last two Notre Dame teams ready to play Navy. He obviously learned something from the 35-17 shellacking Navy put on the Irish in 2010. Let’s do a review of this game using the three phases of the game: offense, defense, and special teams.

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