Basketball Schedule Released

In case you missed it…

This year’s non-conference slate doesn’t have the name-brand pizazz of the Georgetown & Villanova games from last year, but it’s a decent mix of Patriot League-caliber teams and confidence builders. The highlight of the schedule is the Philly Classic, a Thanksgiving tournament held at the Palestra that has the Mids taking on Seton Hall and either Penn or Virginia. Hard to beat Thanksgiving basketball at the Palestra. A crafty bit of scheduling puts the team in San Diego a few days before the Poinsettia Bowl, giving an extra treat to Navy fans who make that trip. After the San Diego State game, though, the Mids finish up their non-conference schedule with four games that will make the conference opener against Bucknell feel like a punch in the face. With brass knuckles. Hopefully the experienced backcourt that’s returning this year can lead the team and keep them focused.

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