5 thoughts on “June Jones *hearts* Navy

  1. Gary

    I doubt that PJ is afraid to play anyone and while the end score would be about 60-52 we could still beat that team.
    But I have to admit I dont like Jones cocky attitude and slight lack of respect.
    They know they have a “huge” advantage over many teams that have to travel to Hawaii and the Academy life would be severely detramental to our teams freshness for the game- but maybe being opening day the team can be there earlier than usual and not miss too much on the Yard?
    We will be there next year anyway with a better team than this years so it will be a good chance for the Mids to shut his mouth.

  2. jgish92

    He only stated a fact. It’s a game that, as a fan, I would love to see. I’m already stockpiling my frequent flier miles for 2009.

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