I’m Not Crazy

OK, maybe I really did hear Chet say something about playing Maryland again in 2010. The Examiner talks about that, plus Army-Navy and an update on a Baltimore bowl game, here. Clearly, Navy football is a centerpiece of Baltimore’s future plans.

I might be sane, but the same can’t be said for everyone on the internet. This is why drinking and blogging don’t mix, kids. Don’t let it happen to you. (The A-minus in academics is a nice touch.)

13 thoughts on “I’m Not Crazy

  1. Gary

    Its too bad we have to wait to 2010 for what should be a natural yearly rivalry.
    The last game was one one of the best we have played and would have been the signature win we needed (we still search for that win).
    Heres hoping they sign a 4 year contract for the MD game.
    As far as DC Bowl-whatever additional Bowl game that would open up another bid for Navy-that is exactly what we need.
    We need more options than the Poinsettia Bowl!
    Even if it would be a bit like Boise State in the Humatarian Bowl.

  2. thebirddog

    I don’t think we need another annual “rivalry” game. If we want that, we might as well just join a conference. I don’t see any advantage in adding another annual contest that we’ll rarely be favored in.

    I also don’t know what the big deal is about a “signature” win, whatever that is.

  3. I guess that depends on how you define it. If you define it as the win against Air Force in 2003 and the subsequent rise of the program (as I do) then I think we’d all agree it was needed. After all, capturing the CINC trophy is THE goal of the program on a yearly basis. If you define it as upsetting Notre Dame or a Top 25 team then maybe it isn’t “needed” but it certainly is welcomed.

    Are you going to produce a preseason highlight video this year?

  4. thebirddog

    Every win is welcomed! And it’s pretty obvious what Gary defines as a “signature win,” although that Maryland team only finished 5-6.

    Preseason video looks unlikely as my desktop is no longer in the land of the living. I do, however, have a video already prepared for a special occasion that will hopefully happen very early in the season.

  5. Navy86

    No preseason video? WTF?

    Bad juju. Every other year you did a preseason video we beat Army and went to a bowl. I’m just sayin’.

  6. thebirddog

    It depends on how quickly I can figure out what’s wrong with the damn thing. I still have to do a lacrosse video too.

  7. Gary

    While all Navy wins are celebrated as a fan -it is still better and far more satisfying for me personally when we can beat a sub par MD/Pitt/Rutgers and especially ND as opposed to hearing …you beat Towson State?
    Just think where we would have ended up that year if we beat even those sub par Maryland and Stanford teams?
    As Adam said- its just fan talk.

  8. Gary

    I stand somewhat corrected as “needed” is a strong word.
    The signature win “we-I” hope for would be more like it.
    I think while there have been some great victories against AF and Army and Rutgers-there is still an unquenched thirst to get that win that everyone sees and says…wow-they are damn good.
    I guess it all leads back to ND and or beating a Wake or Pitt or Rutgers.
    It shuts up the media and other fans that always say “who did you beat?”.

  9. thebirddog

    Well, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to win the “big game.” That’s only natural. I don’t really need the media’s stamp of approval, though. After so many years of losing football, there’s nothing they can say that’ll spoil the success we’re having. To me, anyway.

  10. Gary

    I think we all kind of live for that “storm the field” Rutgers like moment-though I am not so sure the Navy fans other than the Brigade are “storm” like.
    I always envision that scene when we beat ND(on our home field).
    But when we beat ND on their field-not much would happen-its not like one of our guys would go chasing the Leprechaun mascot to ram the Navy flag in his butt or jam it on their field logo.
    But as for that scene at NMC?
    Is there any moment or game where that would happen?
    You are 200% right with the “way we were” and I thank God for what we have and for PJ (yes I was one of the -not so sure when he was announced)….I would rather be where we are now than to sacrifice a 1 historic win season with 11 losses.

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