What We’ve Learned So Far

OK, so the first week of practice is behind us. That means that there’s also a week’s worth of post-practice press conferences, those daily glimpses into the mind of greatness. So what do we know after a week?

— The media day optimism has been tempered. Not that it’s all doom & gloom or anything, but PJ is back to the regular “we need to get better everywhere” routine. Since I fear change, I see this as a good thing.

— Zero-block cruise has been a huge help with summer conditioning.

— Andy Lark squat-lifts @#$% 610 pounds.

— Bill Wagner gets four weeks of vacation from the Capital. PJ went to Hawaii for vacation, but we already knew that.

— Matt Humiston is a knucklehead and Nate Frazier isn’t Deacon Jones (yet).

–Troy Goss is staying at quarterback. As far as newsworthy stuff, this is probably the biggest thing. Since Troy was moved to WR last year before Brian Hampton got hurt, some people (like myself) figured that he’d probably get moved again this year so that Greg Zingler or one of the two impressive plebes (Robby Davis or Ricky Dobbs) could take the #3 spot. That’s not going to happen; Goss has played too well in practice to be switched from quarterback.

— Corey Masisak’s hair > Bill Wagner’s hair.

— Tyree Barnes still runs well after his surgery.

— This CSTV All-Access is great. I originally signed up for All-Access a while ago to listen to Pete Medhurst & Joe Miller call a couple of baseball games. It was sort of disappointing after that, since there wasn’t much content. Content is no longer a problem. The media day coverage was terrific. So was being able to see PJ’s press conference after practice last night. There’s going to be a lot more of those, plus postgame pressers, video for all home basketball games, player interviews, and of course an uninterrupted radio feed for games when WNAV Online goes haywire. My only complaint is that maybe the pressers could be archived a little bit longer, like say until the transcript comes out. But that’s picking nits. It’s awesome. This CSTV deal gets better all the time (I swear I’m not being paid to say this). It’s so much easier to be a Navy fan than it used to be– the days of huddling around the phone and calling “Teamline” are long gone.

Did I miss anything?

EDIT: Yeah, I did. I almost forgot to mention that the first Dolphins depth chart was released. It’s very early in camp, but Kyle’s got some work ahead of him.

5 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned So Far

  1. Navy86

    Is anyone else afraid that the new supe will take away zero block cruise? I just have a sinking feeling things will get harder for the football team (and other varsity athletes) under him.

  2. thebirddog

    I don’t know enough about him to be worried yet, but it’s always a nervous time whenever a new supe comes onboard. Zero block cruise is a great idea. It’d be a real shame to take it away.

  3. Gary

    While it wont be “free range” for the football team I do expect that from what PJ said-that he will be most accomodating.
    I would not think an incoming would want to mess with the success of this team and the overall positive exposure and $$ brought to the Academy.
    Hopefully the Brigade is 100% behind the team and does not cause any issues they may have with regards to any perceived “preferrential treatment”?

  4. “Pretty solid? That’s your term, not mine. We have a bunch of guys that haven’t ever been in a game that are going to get their damn head knocked off because they don’t have any idea about the intensity of playing. They’ve stood and cheered and clapped on the sidelines. That’s about all they’ve done. ”

    -That’s what I’m talking about. PJ’s optimism was starting to scare even me.

  5. Gary

    Thats ok- in 20 days we will march “Temple into its doom!”
    Thats a pretty good spread of 21 point favorites dont you think?
    While I am confident we will beat them – thats not some gimme-I dont think when we walk into the Linc – my attitude will be quite that cocky.
    We will know more after the first 1 1/2 quarters.
    Still 21 points-its nice to see- maybe not nice for Temple to see though as they are building up for this 1 game larger than they had had for any game in the last 20 or so years…..
    We gotta come at them hard and fast and make them realize “We are NAVY” – They are TEMPLE!

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