Jason Tomlinson Didn’t Graduate

That piece of WTF information comes courtesy of Bill Wagner at The Capital. It was Jason’s choice, not the result of any military or academic shortcoming.

I have no idea what he was thinking. I think it is a huge mistake. He has probably heard that a million times by now from friends and advisors, so I’m sure he doesn’t need some dude who doesn’t know him running his piehole on the internet about it. But I will say this: I spent four years rooting like hell for him. I’m not going to turn my back on him and condemn him now. I will continue to root for him in whatever he does. I just hope he knows what he is doing.

No word yet on how the Navy will have him repay the cost of his education.

In other news, don’t miss Christian Swezey’s excellent piece on Sander Gossard and other prior enlisted football players. It’ll make you proud. So will Irv Spencer’s beard!

7 thoughts on “Jason Tomlinson Didn’t Graduate

  1. Gary

    Other than the “military life was not for me” doesnt this also seem like someone who may have his eyes on playing pro football?
    It is such a waste for anyone who gets so far and dealt with so much to get there-that they refuse to graduate from the Academy.
    We who dreamed and fell short of even being able to apply cannot fathom any reason other than medical where they would toss their commission into the garbage and walk away from something they really had earned.
    He had his future ahead of him and when his tour of service was over could basically write a blank check for his business career (by graduating Annapolis)…
    Such a waste when there were so many who should have made the Academy but did not because he took their spot-then refuses to graduate?
    What about the kid that had his dream ripped out because of his appointment?
    Hopefully the rule will stand that he repay the cost of his education.

  2. Delando

    I am Jason’s cousin and I say sometime you have to get off the boat to walk on water, and Jason did just that. Jason didn’t go to the navy because he like the military but because he was told he was their number one recruit going into his first season. He love football and that was his passion. The Naval academy was a great place but Jason always looked forward to helping the football team. When his career was over he was overwhelmed so he decided that he wants to pursue other interest. Anyways Who cares, like I told him you only get one life might as well follow your dreams. And F everbody who hatin on my boy. He more than payed for his education by helping Navy win games. Nobody is talking about the millions of dollar TV and Radio contracts the Navy has gotten because they can finally win some games.

  3. thebirddog

    Nobody is talking about that because it doesn’t matter. The athletic department makes more money when the team wins, but they aren’t who paid for Jason’s education. While it’s driven by an agenda, the haters have a point; Jason had a commitment beyond the football team once he stepped into his first classroom his junior year. That said, contrary to what the haters would have you believe, this isn’t the end of the Navy as we know it. Jason will pay whatever price the Navy names, he’ll move on, and the Naval Academy will too.

  4. Delando

    Jason will be required to pay 140 thousand dollars back so he is not taking the tax payers money. Not only will he owe them 140 thousand he didn’t graduate or receive a degree so by no means is he walking away free of any obligations.

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