Counting Our Blessings

Our old friend Kent Baker has written an excellent piece on Paul Johnson.

I’ve been a Navy fan my entire life. My father is class of ’74, and a good chunk of my childhood was spent making the trip from Virginia Beach or Arlington (wherever we were living at the time) to Annapolis for games. I saw a lot of bad football. Eventually, I guess all that bad football wore my father down. His interest in the game sort of slipped away, except for the Army-Navy game. That changed once Paul Johnson was hired. Now he calls every week to get a breakdown of how we match up with every opponent. He goes to games again. He won’t stop talking about how great of a fit Paul Johnson is to the Naval Academy.

Nor should he.

We are so lucky to have Paul Johnson as our head football coach. Baker’s article is a great reminder of that.

May PJ never be taken for granted.

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