8 thoughts on “Rutgers Game Summary

  1. Gary

    Isnt it about time that PJ gave Jarod Bryant a real chance instead of tossing him into a hopeless situation?
    Why not have gone to JB after the first half( we went through this exercise in futility last year vs Rutgers didnt we?)
    To me while this game was a disappointment-it was not for the reason I originally felt (a blow out).
    What was disappointing aside from the phantom pass interference call to save Rutgers early and the injuries to Sovie and Deliz was-WE FOUND THAT GLASS JAW AND REALLY COULD HAVE WON THIS GAME.
    We had them reeling and Schiano sweating until each time a Kapio mistake sucked the life out of the team and gave Rutgers their confidence back.
    When a change in QB would have signaled the so called confidence that PJ had in any of our QBs- he decided to spit the bit and watch Kaipo self destruct against another team other than the MAC-AFA/Army…. does this bode well against Pitt-Wake and dare I say ND?
    If he has a diamond in the rough -use it-try it when it matters-sometimes change is good and necessary and successful!
    The fear to change is fear itself.
    If we are to have a dragon slayer against ND and the big boys its Jarod Bryant and all the naysayers can call me a bad fan (aka where are my pom-poms?) or anything else-but my answer to all is- how do we know that JB is not as good as some of us think if he gets no chance at all?

  2. My thoughts exactly Phelix. If Kaipo plays poorly against Ball State and Duke then maybe we have this discussion, but right now it’s completely unnecessary.

  3. Gary

    Again-its Ball State & Duke and you know thats a guarantee( for the most part of a good performance).
    Its hard for me to fathom that as tough as PJ comes off that he is the one taking the heat by saying “it was his calling those plays” not Kaipos bad decisions and “happy feet- deer wide eyes”.
    Now PJ is sounding like those ancient old school “only bad things happen when you pass” coaches.

  4. jgish

    At some point when Rutgers was buzzing through our defense again and again, PJ had to realize that we weren’t going to win the game. So what would have been the point of bringing in JB? It would have hurt Kaipo’s confidence and, frankly, Kaipo has to learn to play better against bigger and better teams. He isn’t going to do that on the sideline.

  5. Gary

    The perfect opportunity was after interception # 3.
    How else will JB get any chance to show us what he can do?
    Give him a few quarters not the last 5 minutes.

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