27 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 3

  1. Gary

    While the score says the O kicked 1AA defense butt the fact is that we should be able to match a AA D score for score and we did not.
    If we fell short vs Wake-thats one thing but in the end if we cant top an AA team-no matter what the ridiculous score-then thats just not acceptable.
    Lets face it no matter how much we praise our team- when it stinks -it stinks and deserves to hear the other “glass not full” side.
    This pathetic showing going into ND game only bodes as #44 in a row and now eveyone is confirming the “perfect tonic” is showing up in ND stadium for the Irish- NAVY.
    Its time to replace Kaipo with JB – its time to replace Kettani with Ballard and while that does not mean we will win-those 2 players have shown they deserve a shot at full game status as the other 2 have enjoyed even when they were down.
    Who doesnt think ND can put up as many points as they have scored all year against us?
    This was a bad set back and no matter of coach speak about them being a good AA team will make matters any better-
    Their loud mouth that channeled his”inner Carney” obviously knew what he was talking about and we let some 1AA punk make us eat his lunch.
    Unacceptable-no matter what gets written………

  2. Keith

    1. I still love Navy football. Always have, always will. I love the heart and determination of the players.
    2. That’s the good news, now for the bad. Navy has not had a good defense since 1976 (a.k.a. Chet Moeller).
    3. When in the last 20 years have we been able to stop a pass. Never. I think most coaches that Navy faces are stupid. Pass on every down any maybe throw in the occasional run. Do that and Delaware would have had 70 points.
    4. I have never liked this bend but don’t break defense. I understand the philosophy of it but it seems to take all of the aggressiveness out of the defense. Why don’t we blitz up the middle more?
    5. Navy seriously needs to recruit some defensive talent.
    6. They don’t have the athletes to get better this season and next year doesn’t look any better.
    7. This team does not deserve a bowl game.
    8. Last but not least, In my 45 years as a Navy fan I have never seen a team that tackles worst than this bunch. It’s borders on unbelievable.

  3. football dad dan

    Had no takers on the “Pitch Right” site —> Can anyone explain the penalty why the on-sides kick recovery by Navy was “disallowed”??? It seems that the TV commentators on CSTV were baffled as well??? )o:

  4. thebirddog

    The call was offsides on Shinego, but the refs must have messed up the number because he wasn’t offsides. Maybe they meant Zerb. Zerb didn’t show up on the screen on any of the replays, so I don’t know if he was or not.

  5. Gary

    My name is Gary and I am taking a week off and see what happens.
    Everyone is asking me to take a rest….why not?
    I do appreciate everyones concern for my health.

  6. football dad dan

    The signal the ref gave indicated an “illegal procedure” of some kind call??? … (vice the standard “off sides” call) … and certainly the public announcement from the booth @ NMC stadium didn’t clarify matters any. Neither Shinego, nor Zerb Singleton looked offsides, … and it did seem like Greg was infront of anybody from Navy.
    Adam (from “Pitch Right”) probably explained it the best —> Ref anticipated an “illegal touching” of the ball & botched the call, when in fact the football had clearly crossed over the 40 before Shinego plucked it out of mid air. Not sure what conference this group of Zebras were from, … but what is the likelihood that they will make any call to favor Paul Johnson/Navy??? )o:

  7. football dad dan

    Say Gary, … I think that you “botched up” the Haiku with your last post??? LOL! (o;

    Hang in there shipmate! Go Navy —> Beat ND!!!

  8. billy goat bill

    Is it crazy to think Buddy Green’s time might be up at Navy? I know Navy’s defense will always be undersized and it isn’t completly his fault that nobody can tackle, but there has to be a better scheme than our bend but don’t break defense. Giving up 59 points to a 1-AA school is just embarsassing. I can only imagine how frustrated PJ has to be when his offense puts up 52 and it isnt enough. Is it out of the question for PJ to start looking for a new D cordinator?

  9. thebirddog

    No, it’s not crazy. I don’t really agree, but when the defense is as insanely bad as it has been, it’s a fair question. I don’t think the “bend but don’t break” philosophy is the problem, though. We won with it for 4 years. Something’s just different this year, but I’m not sure what.

    The refs were from the ACC.

  10. football dad dan

    There is certainly no “Love Loss” between PJ and the ACC refs (historically or just this season), … so that certainly accounts for never getting the benefit of doubt on just about anything on the gridiron. Johnson an outspoken critic of that officiating unit(s).

    Last season’s team was chocker-blocked full of seniors (class of 2007), not only the starters on Dee, … but also many of the back-ups. Even with a fair number of “blow-out” victories, … BG rarely ever took out the starters & substituted underclassmen scrubs in to develop “quality game experiance”. In practice, our defense only plays against the Navy “O”, … so that’s a lot of what we are seeing on the gridiron now —> A bunch of young/inexperianced players who got thrown into the “frying pan”, … with a few key devastating injuries early on to boot. )o:

  11. GoalieLax

    seriously guys
    you should write a haiku here
    else wait for game thread

    pissed off georgia fans
    i monopolized a screen
    at a packed sports bar

    yes our defense sucks
    bet even this is better than
    charlie weatherbie

  12. Speaking of Georgia fans what they did after that first touchdown was complete BS. I agree with Phelix. Quesitoning Coach Green is only natural and fair after the kinds of numbers we’ve been seeing, but blaming just him does not add up when you think about the 2004 or 2006 defenses. I think Irv Spencer said it best when he said they just have to get better accross the board. That’s players and coaching staff.

  13. football dad dan

    Couldn’t locate the most recent “blog trail” you are speaking to? … But anyway to comment on your above: Can we fans at least “blame” BG for not developing the underclass defensive players on last year’s (2006) squad so Navy wouldn’t be in this “pile of s**t” they are in now??? Or perhaps it’s just an “act of God” … so accept the fact that the overall defense seems to have actually gotten worse … 8 games into the season. With time & experiance the players will get better —> These are mostly still young guys. Seems to me, BG & his staff have been there a while (except for that LB coach that went to Georgetown a couple of years ago) … so what were the coaches “holding back” before (towards “getting better”)??? )o:

  14. thebirddog

    Dan, if you haven’t seen any improvement in the defense over the course of this season while playing entire games, what makes you think that there would be any improvement from playing a few snaps in garbage time last year? Game experience only accomplishes so much. The real teaching happens in practice.

  15. football dad dan

    I’ve been down this road before, … and got “beaten down” because of semantics, etc… etc…
    Didn’t edit my earlier paragraph good enough, … because in actuality I think that defense has played somewhat better at times (as the season has progressed), … and made reference to it after the PITT & WF games. Statistically Navy seemes to have “slid” … which you noted in your “LOL on Temple” post, … which is troubling. So what’s NOT happening at practice???

    Bottom line is there is a huge difference between “garbage time” during the last few minutes of a game … and “quality time” when back-up players can gain experiance for perhaps an entire series or two. If these guys didn’t even get in during “garbage time”in 2006 —> My intented point … then there is a problem w/ the system.

  16. thebirddog

    My point isn’t whether it’s garbage time or not, my point is the value of game experience. I think it’s overrated as a teaching tool. Players get immediate feedback if they screwed up in practice, which is how learning happens. Game experience helps to acclimate you to game speed, but I don’t really think that’s our problem at this point.

  17. football dad dan

    Won’t argue with you there … Your point is a valid one.

    So what happened at Navy this year —> Did we not recruit well enough on “Dee” … or too many “prospects” left the Academy/NAPS??? In my 30-something years of following Navy football, … I have never witnessed such complete ineptness on defense. It’s agonizing to watch the games.

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