PJ Is Annoyed

I told you about Stan Brock’s comments regarding Paul Johnson’s offense, and how I think that they provide a little extra motivation this week (not that you need much additional motivation for Army-Navy). Other than running the option, the other hot topic in Army football is scheduling. Both Brock and AD Kevin Anderson have said repeatedly that they need to change their scheduling to mirror Navy’s, to the point where it’s starting to sound like they think the schedule is the only reason why Navy’s been any better than Army over the last 5 years. Apparently, PJ is sick of hearing about it:

Johnson sounds off on scheduling

Army’s football scheduling is a hot topic these days.

Army athletic director Kevin Anderson has said he would like to model Army’s schedule after Navy’s.

Here’s Navy coach Paul Johnson’s take on scheduling:

“I don’t know what’s the difference in our schedules is now,” Johnson said. “Can somebody point it out to me? What’s the difference? We played Rutgers, Pitt, Wake Forest,
Notre Dame and Duke. Which five BCS schools did they play?

I replied “Boston College, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, and Rutgers…

Johnson says, “And?”

“They played four. We played five. They played teams in the MAC. We played teams in the MAC. They played Air Force. We played Air Force.
They played Rhode Island. We played Delaware. So what’s the difference?

The difference maybe isn’t in the schedule but in the systems and coaching.

You got that right.

In other news, don’t miss Bill Wagner’s update on Kaipo’s health on his blog. Also, while the Poinsettia Bowl is locked up this year, Navy still doesn’t have a deal in place for a bowl game next year. There are a few things in the works, though, as Christian Swezey tells us that the proposed D.C. bowl game is still a possibility. It could use a better name, though.

8 thoughts on “PJ Is Annoyed

  1. football dad dan

    After hearing those ESPN announcers (while watching the Army-Rutgers) game on the tube back in mid-November mention at least a half dozen times about Army’s alledgedly tougher schedule (as compared to Navy’s) being the excuse for their shortcomings on the gridiron of late, … I was ready to throw up.
    What a crock!

    BEAT ARMY!!!!

  2. Chris

    I would bet everything I own–including a leather-bound copy of ‘100 Years of Army-Navy’ by Jack Clary–that PJ isn’t leaving Navy for SMU.

  3. thebirddog

    I’d take that bet, but only to have a chance to get that book.

    Hey, I have a hard time seeing it too, but the rumors are at a whole new level this year.

  4. Chris

    Don’t tell Mr Clary, but copies of that book can be found quite often on eBay for real cheap. The list price was $99; I got mine for 9 quid. Tho it is the Army edition (i.e. black and gold rather than blue and gold).

  5. Gary

    Shut up Army-talk to us after you experience the 5 years we have had.
    If they had our schedule this year they would have won 2 games!
    I can understand PJ getting insulted-it was an insult -intentional or not to him and all Navy fans.
    Now suddenly there was an article today saying Army was going back to the option attack just like us and AF as if that is the only reason we win-the system.
    Lets see how long it takes for Army to have a winning season again even with a new offense (ITS THE PLAYERS STUPID) unless they start playing the Browns and Columbias (even Harvard/Yale would beat them).
    I changed my mind on the score Navy 51 Army 20.

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