Postgame Haiku, Vol. 6

Reggie Campbell shines
For five straight years, Navy wins
CIC Trophy



6 Responses

  1. Navy wins 6th.
    JB scores.
    Win the CIC and next the P.
    Les Myles declines.
    Michigan opens.
    Say it aint so PJ!

  2. holy jesus man
    you know what a haiku is?
    it’s five-seven-five


  3. Irv Spencer was great.
    Reggie Campbell was lights out.
    Navy in a rout.

  4. Defense.

  5. Nope -but you get my gist anyway.
    Ill have a good one for the Bowl game.

  6. Campbell up the middle.
    Number seven leads the band.
    Reggie’s everywhere.

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