Just in case you wanted to relive the pain.

It’s funny to lurk on Utah message boards and read some the comments about the play.  “The pylon was in the wrong place! It was placed out of bounds!” Some real football experts there. Oh well.

8 thoughts on “Pylon-gate

  1. Gary

    2 straight years of blown calls by officials have cost us 2 Bowl wins.
    I dont know too many teams that get that type of officiating but the “sorry -we blew that call” just never cuts it!
    If we had the ball on the 20 there was no doubt we wuld have marched down the field and ate up the clock and won that game-no doubt.

  2. football dad dan

    The only officiating “blunder/controversy” I can come up from the Bowl game was the extremely suspect “holding” penalty called on Navy the play before the infamous 3rd down & 16 “What the hell were you thinking???” pitch & subsequent fumble play. Looked like we had gotten the game clinching 1st down on the sweep, … but out came the flag & the rest is history. Zebras hadn’t called holding all game it seemed. I’ve watched the replay dozens of times afterwards and can’t figure out who was holding, … but that’s one of those “subjective/judgement” calls … Cest la guerre. )o:

  3. Danbo

    Are there repercussions for mistakes like Pylon-gate where an absolutely inexcusable error is made? Or is lynching the officials left to the alumni?

  4. Gary

    Yes-thanks Dad-that was the killer-bogus call I was referring to.

    But still I think the pylon BS did cost us the game-but that is impossible for me to be so sure…its just the way I feel.
    Skrewed again.

  5. football dad dan

    Always happy to try to keep you “out of hot water” … albeit a “tuff job” at times. (o; (o;

    GO NAVY!!!

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