Our Loss

Adam over at Pitch Right has announced that he’s hanging up his cleats keyboard and taking what we can only hope is an extended break rather than a permanent departure from the blogging world. Adam was very supportive of this site from the beginning, and many of you only found it thanks to a link on Pitch Right. It’s our loss. Make sure to stop over and thank him for his work. Hope you jump back into the game soon, Adam. Thanks for your support.

3 thoughts on “Our Loss

  1. Gary

    We are so fortunate to have the BirdDog and to me that was thanks to Adams recommendation that we visit his site and while Adam will be missed as a blog I am sure he will have plenty to add to this site with his insights.
    We are lucky to have both of these guys as lets face it Navy football is not led by the fanatical type support of say ND- So we dont have many areas to turn to for good Navy football discussions.
    I see the spring game is already set for April and I cant wait to see the reports already.

  2. EightyFiver

    Agree with Gary. A friend recently told me that I have an unhealthy obsession with what he called “a really mediocre football program.” He indicated that for a guy who never played organized ball, I knew way too much about Navy. It was intended to be a friendly comment, but it did rub me the wrong way, just a bit. I thought about trying to explain it to this guy, but I realized that he’s probably incapable of understanding.
    These blogs (Adam’s and Rick’s) provide a forum to those of us who get it. Thanks, guys, for the work you put into your blogs.

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