2007 College Football Blogger Awards

The announcement came on Rocky Top Talk this morning that the 2007 College Football Blogger Awards process is underway. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a link to last year’s: 2006 Blogger Awards.

I haven’t exactly done much to try to integrate myself into the whole football blogger community, so I doubt what I say will carry much weight. Nevertheless, if you look at the awards from last year you’ll see that there is a category for “Best Mainstream Media Blog.” Navy fans, if you don’t nominate Bill Wagner’s Navy Sports Blog for this category then you deserve a lifetime of guilty feelings. It might not be the most regularly updated spot on the internet, but when the going gets tough, Wags gets blogging. When we were left wandering and confused as the biggest story of the year– Paul Johnson’s departure– was unfolding, Wagner’s blog was the one and only place on the web to get accurate news on the subject. When CBS Sportsline had PJ as a done deal at SMU, it was Wags who said “not so fast” and gave us the real details. When PJ made his second trip to Atlanta, it was Wags who warned us that this was it. When Johnson finally pulled the trigger, it was Wags who was there at the meeting when PJ told the players. And now as Coach Niumat takes over and rounds out his staff, it’s Wags who has filled us in on all of the new assistants. What more could anyone want from a blog?

To top it all off, Wagner’s blog gave us the greatest PJ one-liners of all time:

Whatever he thinks. I don’t go down to McDonald’s and start second-guessing his job so he ought to leave me alone.

If you could ever find one time that I said we won the game because of brilliant strategy I will kiss your butt at city dock and give you two days to draw a crowd. Find it and bring it to me. Tell that guy that if he wants to talk to me I live at (address redacted) I will be right there. Come ring my doorbell and I will be glad to talk to him.

If PJ goes on to a long and prosperous career at Georgia Tech, he should send Wags a thank-you note. Hopefully Coach Johnson got it all out of his system here. In Atlanta, he’d be crucified for saying stuff like this. But in Annapolis, it was part of what made him the best coach ever. If that’s not award-winning stuff, then the whole damn thing should be scrapped.

The details of the nomination process can be found at EDSBS. There is a nomination site here. Show some love to the local and give Wags a plug.

9 thoughts on “2007 College Football Blogger Awards

  1. thebirddog

    I write about topics that nobody cares about on a blog that nobody reads. I’m more likely to be named the next Commandant of the Marine Corps. It’s pretty cool of you to nominate me, though. Thanks.

  2. eric090

    I threw a vote in for you too as “best non-BCS blog”.

    Keep up the good work, I generally find Navy football pretty interesting!

  3. 85er

    Birddog and Wagner both matter, if for no other reason than they are the best and often only source of information and insight for for those of us who are obsessed with the Mids. Want to learn about Maryland, pick up the WaPo; care about ND, go to MSNBC; curious about Northwestern, grab a Chicago Trib. Need to know about Navy — it’s Birddog and Wagner.

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