Signing Day

It’s signing day, the first day that high school football players across the country can sign binding National Letters of Intent and officially commit to their colleges of choice. The service academies don’t participate in the NLOI program, but they still provide their recruits with certificates to sign at their high school’s ceremony so they can participate with their teammates. The Birddog Big Board at the top of the page is up to 38 players this morning, and I will be updating it throughout the day whenever the paying job gives me a chance. If you come across a name we don’t have up there, feel free to drop a name/link in the comments of this thread (you can leave all the fields blank if you want to remain anonymous). And of course we’ll all be waiting for Bill Wagner’s annual recruiting article in the Capital.

UPDATE: Up to 39 40 42 44 45 46 48 50 54 now.

UPDATE: According to this article we’ll have recruits visiting for at least one more weekend. It isn’t over yet! If our normal class is around 60, it looks like that’s about what we’ll hit again.

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