Loose Change 2/8/08

As it would be expected the week of signing day, this is going to be a recruit-heavy list of links. There are more stories on Navy recruits out there, too, which I might not get around to posting. Seriously, there are a lot of ’em. Those of you who pitched in with links, thanks! In case you didn’t know where the name of this blog came from, scouting for Navy recruits is what “Birddogs” are all about. Anyway, on to the news:

4 thoughts on “Loose Change 2/8/08

  1. Man that sucks losing Farr–a big body from a top notch HS program.

    I’m always somewhat fearful when top recruits go to NAPS–we lose too many before they get to taste the real USNA program.

  2. Noname

    There are some real problems at NAPs. Not enough food, tutors, and they are treated like plebes or worse for a solid year. The academic standards are very high. Unlike MAPs, they do very little building of basic skills.

    A lot more leave than go to USNA. It is hurting more than football.

  3. thebirddog

    I seriously doubt that there are more people that leave NAPS than graduate, let alone “a lot” more. That said, I have heard many of the same complaints. I have also heard that things are changing. We’ll see if that’s the case.

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