CSTV Going Under The Knife

Not as marketable as the CBS eyeball.

CSTV is getting a facelift. Navy’s television home for football (and just about everything else) is being re-branded as the CBS College Sports Network in March. So what does this mean? Hopefully two things. One, the CBS name should give the channel more name-brand appeal when negotiating with cable providers about adding it to their lineups. Selling some upstart product that nobody’s heard of is a lot harder than selling something with the name recognition of CBS. Two, with any luck, the on-screen graphics for football games will change. CSTV’s Gametracker ticker at the bottom of the screen makes their broadcasts look like something on the Bloomberg channel more than a football game. A more CBS-style presentation would be welcome. All in all, this is probably a net positive.

One thought on “CSTV Going Under The Knife

  1. Gary

    As you can say with the $$$$ that CBS paid-this can only help us in a positive way….
    Not sure exactly how for Navy specifically but they aint payin millions to not get something of value that they can add to.

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