Don’t give me any non-committal, wishy-washy nonsense. Take a stand! Choose your goat! Do you like the charging goat, the old skool goat, or the anchor holdin’ & sleeve rollin’ goat? This is more important than Republican primaries right now, so sound off!


35 Responses

  1. Hate the old skool goat. I’d actually prefer a new and improved goat, but if forced, I’d say the charging goat first and the anchor holdin’ / sleeve rollin’ goat second.

  2. For real? The charging goat is the most awesomest mascot design in the NCAA, and it’s not close. If I were the Supe, I’d demand that the live smelly one roaming the sidelines look more like him.

  3. The only time I’ve seen Bill charge like that is when he was butting heads with another goat, or when someone tried to give him a bath.

  4. Well, I didn’t say that as Supe I’d try to get smelly Bill to ACT more like him…besides, a cartoon image of Bill lounging around chewing his cud (do goats have cuds?) wouldn’t push much gear…

    This is my last post on the subject (probably not, but I wanted to be the first to say that on this thread)

  5. hahahahahaha

    I wonder if Bill tries to eat Fieldturf the way he used to eat the grass.

    So before you start putting words into my mouth, this will be it for me!

  6. Gotta go with the “Charging Bill the Goat” from this list of options … But I really like the “angry looking” Goat on those kid’s Navy Football tee-shirts they have in the USNA gift shop.

  7. got to go with the Anchor holdn’ goat. besides he’s based on the design submitted by one of my classmates many years ago

  8. Charging goat is my pick. The Goat with rolled up sleeves came out in 70’s and was created by mid of that era. Looked good at that time, but charging goat is better, I think.

  9. Anchor goat … it would look better on TV graphics, but they rarely use it. Actually I think we need a new goat graphic. And we DEFINITELY need to go back to the Angry Bill costume of the late ’90s. The current Bill doesn’t cut it for me — too friendly.

  10. I was going to say the Charging Goat – but as I have sat here & looked at them the Rolled-Up Sleeve/Anchor goat is growing on me.

  11. Ols skool for me -always.
    In fact they should bring back the “hoops” they wore in 62/63 and just put NAVY in the front as a change.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that the sideline costume should lose the PT gear in favor of a naval officer’s uniform circa late 18th-early 19th century? I think Bill dashing about the sidelines in blue coat w/ gold epaulettes, running other mascots through with a cutlass ala Jack Aubrey would be pretty cool.

    [and before anyone wants to give their reflections on my extreme dorkiness – don’t bother. This is my last post on the subject.]

  13. To borrow from one of your classic replies…

    Did you craft that gem on your trusty dusty Burroughs typewriter, while wearing your Grandpa Simpson slippers and reminiscing about Duke’s last trip to the Rose Bowl in nineteen dickkety-two?

  14. Crap. Hoisted on my own petard.

    (response, last post, etc.)

  15. I say the first one which I believe is what everyone is referring to as charging Bill. The last one looks too cartoonish, almost “mule-like”, ;)

  16. The charging goat is the best of the 3 but that’s not saying much. Navy Athletics needs to invest in an upgrade/update of that image big time. Its impossible to recognize unless you view it 3 feet or less away. Too many lines, too much “traffic” for the eye, not graphic and clean at all.

    Can you tell I work in advertising? This logo has been my pet-peeve for years. Please, please clean it up and make it easier on the eye and easier to see – and a better graphic representation!

    Thank you for bringing this very important topic to your loyal readers.

  17. Charging goat, and it ain’t close.
    What say you about the costumed goat guy on the sidelines? I never liked him (I prefer a live, smelly, ill-tempered and unpredictable goat — the kind you wouldn’t dare let the kids pet), though I REALLY didn’t like the old, pre-1984 costume.
    Trip down memory lane (WARNING!): In the fall of ’84, the new ‘Dant, Capt. Les Palmer, took a look at the guy in the goat costume on the sideline and made a comment that called into question the orientation/lifestyle of the costume that was then in use. (Yeah, it’s hard to say that about a costume, but you get the picture.) This resulted in Navy getting a more manly, meaner looking goat costume. (Can a goat or, for that matter, a goat costume be manly? Good question.) I’m fairly certain that this is the same goat costume that is used today.

  18. I think we’re on the second two-legged Bill since the original that you mentioned. There was Weird Bill, Angry Bill, and Friendly Bill.

  19. I feel like there was a brief period between current Friendly Bill and Angry Bill where there was a strange, overly-realistic Bill. I also recall that Angry Bill got in a wrestling match with the AF Falcon and had a horn ripped off.

  20. Yeah, now that you mention it. But I don’t remember what Mystery Bill looked like.

  21. Charging goat. I agree its a little detailed, but I like it close up – looks good on the back of a hat! You want simplicity, how about a lightning bolt, oh, that’s already taken…

  22. Our main logo is really the N-star.

    For the record, I like anchor holdin’ & sleeve rollin’ Bill.

  23. I vote for number one

    i mean come on guys, he beat army once more than the anchor bill…just look at the stars!

  24. TBD: You are correct — I think we went from Wierd Bill (Queer Bill might be a more accurate description) to Angry Bill while Les Palmer was the ‘Dant.
    Seem to remember the horn-ripping incident w/ the AF bird-guy.
    Unfortunately, my kids seem to take notice of that sideline nonsense more than they take notice of the stuff on the field. This seems to happen more often when we visit South Bend every other year — the kids pay way too much attention to Bill’s altercations with the dancing elf guy that ND puts on its sidelines and not enough attention to the game. Makes me glad I spend so much on a half-dozen scalped tickets, all so that they could take home memories of a couple of costumed cheerleaders duking it out. (This past game was the exception; they’re still trying to grasp Ram’s 4th quarter defiance of the laws of gravity.)
    OK — ‘nuther memory lane excursion: anybody remember the goofy gorilla who roamed the sidelines in the early ’80s? (A brigade favorite.) He was out there with a superhero-looking guy that was sometimes called “Captain Navy” (cape, tights, flight helmet w/ visor). These two clowns teamed up with “Mr. Pep” to drive another ‘Dant, Bud Edney, crazy, so he barred them. (I think Pep survived that purge.)


    My lasting memory of ’80s basketball was the lady who’d do cartwheels on the sideline.

    Here’s Angry Bill:

  26. Wasn’t that “guy” in the tights, flight hemet & cape called “Super Straight”??? —> I tended to ignore “him” as much as possible.

  27. That lady that did cartwheels was “Mrs. V”. She’d go out there and lead the crowd in a N-A-V-Y cheer then cartwheel. She’s sponsored dozens of mids – her late husband and one or two of her sons also went to USNA.

  28. hunkerdawg said what I’ve always thought about the ‘new’ charging goat best. If I had to pick one it would be that one but we really need the company that did the K-State and Penn State football helmet logo’s to give our goat a try and see what they come up with.

  29. I think our football helmet logo and Penn State’s are remarkably similar in that they are nonexistent.

    (Don’t worry, I’m just being a smartass. I know what you meant.)

  30. I like the N-star. It says we are Navy, we beat Army, and Air Force…not a rivalry.

  31. Ramming Goat.
    As for the sidelines, Angry Goat is better than Friendly Goat.

  32. Charging Goat!!!

  33. Muscle-Man Anchor Holdin’ Goat!!!

  34. Charging goat

  35. Its not ideal, but what I’d like to see as far as “cleaning up” the charging goat is similar to Bucknell’s Bison logo.

    But, I’d love to see the N-star as the primary logo. Its unique and pretty well-known (I think).

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