Spring Roster

The updated football roster for spring practice is out, and it’s sure to create a buzz. There are some high-profile happenings:

  • Jarod Bryant is listed at both QB and slotback.
  • Corey Johnson is listed at OLB, which he was playing at the end of last year. Ditto for Joe Taylor. Both players began last season at safety.
  • Jeff Deliz and Greg Sudderth are both back and on the roster, joining Johnson. Clint Sovie is listed as a junior.
  • Emmett Merchant is now a slotback.
  • Andy Lark and Penetekoso Peau have both moved from the defensive line to center. Sander Gossard, who cracked the depth chart at center last year, is listed as a tackle.
  • Matt Nechak was listed as a linebacker last year even though he played mostly defensive end. He is listed as a DE now.

That’s what I noticed with a quick glance. I haven’t gone back to compare last year’s roster yet. The moves from defense to offense are interesting, considering their respective performances last season. One would think that the defense couldn’t afford to lose anybody, especially along the line. Everyone figured that center was going to be the biggest question on offense going into the spring; moving Lark and Peau over doesn’t answer that question as much as it raises others. Merchant’s move probably has less significance; with Deliz, Middleton, Buffin, and King all returning, the secondary is going to be a dogfight.

Jarod Bryant’s new role will probably get a lot of you talking. QB/SB double duty has a precedent; our very own Ivin Jasper started at A-back while holding down the #2 QB spot at Hawaii.

6 thoughts on “Spring Roster

  1. thebirddog

    Don’t forget that Bobby Doyle was a quarterback once upon a time, and already has a TD pass to Bryant on his resume. This team would rule backyard football!

  2. If nothing else, it always gives us another decoy. I mean, if the reports of other teams yelling “pass” everytime Doyle was in the game are anywhere near accurate, I can only imagine what having all three of them (Kaipo, JB, BD) in there would do. I would not invest too much in the defensive roster at this point. Guys are going to be moving back and forth (especially) in the secondary all offseason, especially considering nobody knows how good Deliz will be coming back. I know he had problems at Striker during certain games this year, but Ram Vela uses his hands too well not to play in run support.

  3. Plumber

    Regarding Jeff Deliz returning…time will tell just how good his recovery will be…there is a lot of time for him to heal well. Come the first day of fall practice everyone will be suprised accept his teammates and coaches.

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