Lax Happenings

It was business as usual in the Patriot League on Sunday afternoon as Navy took down Colgate, 8-3. Many people– including me– felt that this might be the season where the Patriot League finally catches up to Navy. The Mids have played lacrosse in the Patriot League for four years, and they’ve won four league titles. But with so many players graduating last year, some felt that Bucknell and Colgate were poised to give Navy a run for its money. Maybe they will, but they’ll have to wait until the league tournament to do it. The Colgate win followed a 4-3 overtime win over Bucknell (that was played in a monsoon). With Army plugging along and looking improved over last year, it appears that the Patriot League will come down to the two service academies once again.

Postgame stream of consciousness:

– Navy’s defense is ridiculous. The Mids have given up only 3 goals in each of the last 4 games and have held their opponents to 5 goals or less in 7 games. Colgate managed only 14 shots through 3 quarters before getting a little more desperate in the 4th.

– The CBS College Sports coverage was excellent.

– As good as it was, though, Paul Carcaterra seemed hell-bent on creating a goalie controversy. In fairness, so did Tommy Phelan with his 13 saves. Before you jump on that bandwagon, though, remember that Matt Coughlin is in the middle of a great season himself. You guys can’t possibly be THAT fickle, can you?

– Some describe Navy’s offense as “deliberate.” We better hope so, because any flaws will be exposed by Georgetown on Saturday. The Hoyas might finally be rising to meet expectations after beating #1 Duke.

Anyway, if you missed the Colgate game, here are some highlights:

And if you wonder what lacrosse looks like with a big ol’ star at midfield, click here.

By the way… Don’t miss Christian Swezey’s new lacrosse blog at the Post, The Fastest Blog on 2 Feet. If you don’t read it, you won’t be the first to know that Richie Meade hasn’t made a decision on his starting goalie yet. Swezey knows his lacrosse, and you can’t afford not to read his blog.

That’s it for now. Spring football practice started today, and I’ll be dissecting Ken Niumatalolo’s press conference later on. Things are picking up for Navy fans!

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