4 thoughts on “Well that sucked.

  1. Navy86

    No kidding. Heck, even my son’s lacrosse team lost – for the first time in like 21 games or something.

    Bleah. Hope that means next weekend will be spectacular.

  2. football dad dan

    Hear … Hear to that sentiment Navy86!!! —> Starting on Friday evening w/ the B vs G football scrimmage.

    My 5-year old daughter’s tee-ball team did mange to forge a 33-33 tie in the local league season opener Saturday afternoon though.

    GO NAVY!!!

  3. Wow. I’d hate to see that scorecard.

    Scrimmage was enjoyable to watch, although outside of the proverbial “the defense looked better” stuff I don’t know if I have any really useful observations.

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