Daily Chuckle

The Air Force put out a press release praising the USAFA football team for their academic prowess, which you can read here. One part made me laugh a little:

Air Force continues to be one of the leaders in academic excellence among the Mountain West Conference. The football team’s score of 975 ranked highest among the nine-team MWC. Air Force is one of only five football playing Division I institutions to post a four-year APR in the top 10 percent nationally while playing in a major conference with the football bowl subdivision. Duke, Rice, Rutgers and Stanford are the other four.

OK, two things. One, if the Mountain West (and Conference USA, based on the inclusion of Rice on the list) is considered a “major conference with the football bowl subdivision,” then what do they consider a minor conference with the FBS? Two, why do you suppose the press release only compared Air Force to other schools in conferences as opposed to everyone, including independents? No reason, I’m sure.


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