Columns about Big East expansion are no rarity. Almost as common are mentions of Navy within those columns as a candidate. But saying that Navy is too good for the Big East?

The Navy possibility has always been intriguing. Annapolis, Md.? Sure. The football is pretty good. There is also the nationwide draw of the Army-Navy game, though its contract with CBS would be an issue.

But the biggest problem with Navy is that it might be a little too good. The Midshipmen, who averaged eight wins a year the past five seasons under former coach Paul Johnson (now at Georgia Tech), could easily hang in the Big East and be in the mix for one of the conference’s seven bowl bids.

Adding another team to a conference sounds good until it affects you directly. And Navy coming in would affect middle-of-the-pack teams even with the conference aligning itself with the new St. Petersburg Bowl pitting Big East and C-USA schools. With similar records, Navy could be more attractive than other Big East teams to bowl committees.

Now I’ve seen everything.

3 thoughts on “FEAR THE GOAT

  1. GoalieLax

    yeah, i read that a few days ago…forgot to bring it up on the boards

    but they’re right…they’d want a cupcake team to bring in (like a duke or vandy) to help with the win column of the teams expected to compete for the BCS bids

    i don’t think we’d beat WVU or Louisville (i don’t include Rutgers because I think they’ll fall off some with Rice leaving) on a consistent basis, but we’d throw an upset of the pitt variety vs WVU last year to screw them over enough

  2. Gary

    This has been a longtime agruement about Navy (especially from me) that they should join the Big East (arent they adding Buffalo soon?) and I know we would sacrifice the 8-9 wins seasons but should be able to go 6-7 wins that gets the Bowl games.
    I agree WVU/Louisville/ SFU/ Cincy may have too many “thugs” for us but we should be able to do ok vs the rest and every team has its Syracuse cycle-and agree I see Rutgers doing that soon too.
    We would need though to add 6,000 seats to NMC and is that even possible?
    It seems though the admin is afraid to make that move and right now with new coach-its smart to stay put but in a few years-WHY NOT?
    To me being in the middle and at times upper middle of Big EAST WOULD BE JUST FINE.
    But again we sacrifice those $$ to the conference-its a tough call but it sure would be interesting to see happen.

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