It appears I jumped the gun. Navy is in the NCAA lacrosse tournament, and headed to UNC on Saturday to once again face the Tarheels in the opening round. Somehow Navy got the nod over Georgetown and Army, who suffered some fairly incredible meltdowns against suspect competition over the last few weeks. Then again, so did Navy, although Colgate went on to make the tournament as the Patriot League’s AQ. Still, I imagine the Mids’ selection has raised some eyebrows.

North Carolina’s offense hasn’t been overwhelming this year, so perhaps this is a good matchup for the Mids. The Heels did beat Johns Hopkins at the end of March, but two weeks later lost to an Ohio State team that Navy beat at the beginning of the season. It’s about as good a draw as we could have hoped for, and a win would likely mean a rematch with Johns Hopkins in Annapolis.

We were lucky just to get in. Here’s hoping we make the most of it.

2 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. GoalieLax

    we should just add ACC patches to our uniforms for the game, because everyone knows UNC can’t beat an ACC team (ok, they had that one win this year, but otherwise they have been teh suck of the ACC recently)

  2. football dad dan

    Looks like Navy probably benefitted from “front-loading” their schedule & not playing at all this past week/weekend —> I’m sure those “bad” losses by Army & GT left an immediiate bad taste in the mouths of the selection committee, … and no doubt Navy had to benefit SOS-wise when Colgate upset the ‘Cuse.
    Hopefully RM’s boys will avenge last season’s playoff opener disappointment.
    GO NAVY!!!

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