Bill Wagner is kind of a big deal.

People know him. He’s very important. He has many leather-bound books, and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Taxpayers foot the bill to educate students at Air Force, Army and Navy under the belief the graduates of those institutions will one day protect the rights and freedoms of United States citizens by serving in the armed forces. I would imagine the majority of taxpayers would agree that playing pro football full-time while recruiting part-time does not constitute legitimate military service.

Which begs the question: How effective of an Army recruiter can Caleb Campbell be considering he’s effectively avoiding his five-year commitment? It would seem difficult for Campbell to talk about the realities of military service when he has not fully tasted that life.

Wags smacked this one to smithereens. It’s the most comprehensive breakdown of the situation that we’ve seen in the media. If you were worried about what you were going to tell your senator, don’t be; Wags did the heavy lifting for you. Because that’s what he does. Well, in between rescuing cats from tall trees, delivering babies at Anne Arundel Medical Center, bringing rain to the desert, and getting great gas mileage.

7 thoughts on “Bill Wagner is kind of a big deal.

  1. thebirddog

    Whether you’re for Army’s policy or against it, it’s the biggest news in S*A sports in years, maybe since Roger won the Heisman. Sending players straight to the pros cuts to the very core of what it truly means to be a service* academy football player. It would be irresponsible not to talk about it ad nauseum. I’m sorry it gets repetitive, but it isn’t going away.

  2. I didn’t say I was for or against it, and I fully understand the implications and impotance of the issue. But damn, it just gets tough to be a football fan this time of year ya know. I think I need to find a group of kids off the street and teach them how to run an option offense or something.

  3. Dave'69

    Staubach and Robinson are always the first two mentioned when discussing USNA grads that completed their service and went on to the pros. It seems to me that when recruiting to that dream, the list is considerably longer. Phil McConkey and Napolean McCallum come to mind. Wasn’t there a guard for Green Bay? Didn’t we have a QB in the Arena Football League? Of course when you begin to name those grads that went on to become stars in the corporate world (USNA sports team members or not), the list gets quite long.
    ADAM – Something to look forward to in the fall – the CBS College Sports network just announced it will begin broadcasting in high definition.

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