14 thoughts on “Army’s Rebranding

  1. college football fan

    How pathetic for birddog to complain about USMA’s decision to promote their more recognizable WP “brand”. This is a non-issue at best, but birddog wants to make it another talking point in his constant diatribe against a rival academy.

  2. thebirddog


    Don’t roll in here ranting about how “pathetic” I am, then play it off acting like you don’t care. It doesn’t work both ways, tough guy.

    If you’re sensitive about jokes that make light of the situation, then I suggest that you grow a thicker skin. Better yet, feel free to go back through the scores of paragraphs written here and disagree with anything I’ve said. If you do, though, I sure hope you come up with something better than how easy it’d be to work for the Air Force in Toronto.

  3. college football fan

    Me, ranting? Pot meet kettle. Your whole blog is a rant, and oftentimes, I see you post derogatory remarks about WP and USAFA. I just thought maybe you weren’t considering all the options available out there, but it appears that you’d rather not think outside the box. Good luck with that.

    Oh, I do apologize that I didn’t recognize your attempt at humor. It doesn’t mean that I have thin skin, as much as it means some things get lost in translation over the internet. Your mention of being facetious was posted while I was typing my comment, so I didn’t see it until after I had submitted it. Too bad, I guess, but that’s life. Get over yourself.

  4. thebirddog

    My blog is a lot of things, rants included. I don’t deny that. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with ranting. Just with coming here and ranting, then acting like you don’t care. Sorry guy, but rants don’t mix with trying to play it cool.

    I also wasn’t aware that USMA and USAFA were beyond reproach.

    But I’m glad you keep responding. That last post was enough for me to figure out what Scout poster you are. You should probably just bookmark this site so you don’t have to keep Googling “phatphelix” every time you want to come here.

  5. college football fan

    Googling “phatphelix” – Now THAT was funny! Plus, no need to bookmark. “Birddog” is easy enough to remember. I guess you understand a thing or two about the importance of “branding” after all is said and done. Oh, I’m glad you figured out my true identity. How hard can that be when I have to enter my e-mail address to post?

  6. thebirddog

    You don’t have to enter your e-mail address. You don’t even have to enter a name. Not that I knew your e-mail address to begin with.

    Just remember the next time you talk about how you’re sick of me and that I should “go back to my own board;” you’re the one who sought me out.

  7. Tim

    Crap. I’ve been trying to narrow it down for several posts, but I’m still not certain. Not enough CAPS to be a certain F-105 pilot’s offspring. Can we get a hint? Does the answer involve LOGIC? The virtues of Raptors vs Hornets? Holier than thou rugby players? Admins who need their rank to legitimize themselves?

  8. Navy86

    Well, since Phat’s banned from the AFA board, I think you need to look to the other service. Armyfan or armychat maybe?

  9. Gary

    Sorry but they can call themselves USMA-West Point-Cadets-Black Knights the friggin NY Yankees for all I care- they still stink!
    Actually why die they ever change from the traditional historic Cadets in the first place?
    It would be like Navy going to “The Fightin Goats” to appease the TV and “chic” types and then maybe change to Balck and purple too….

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