Navy-WKU in ’09

Chet said that there will be changes to the 2009 schedule in order to lighten the load after adding Ohio State. It looks like we may have found one such change, as this article mentions Navy taking on Western Kentucky in Annapolis that year. Navy was already scheduled to play the Hilltoppers in 2013-2014. No word yet on whether this is in addition to that agreement or whether one of those games has been moved up. Nor do we know which game this would replace, assuming the report is accurate.

2 thoughts on “Navy-WKU in ’09

  1. Just from what I think about where some other teams will be in 09 from a competition standpoint, I’d rather take my chances against Wake that year then deal with going to Pitt. But then again Grobe isn’t an idiot of a Head Coach and who knows this far in advance anyway…

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