5 thoughts on “VICTORY

  1. Gary

    Nice shot….looks like MD has yet again dodged a potential date with the Mids for the Congressional Bowl.
    Due to “serious consideration for their exams”……yeah

  2. Gary

    Big article here in NY POST about Navy/Army joining Big East and this one seems more authentic than the more “rumor” type articles.
    I dont see anything on Navy site so does BirdDog have any extra insights as to this again being mentioned (after it had died down for awhile)?

  3. thebirddog

    That New York Post article is laughably bad. I’m not sure how it’s any more “authentic” than stories of the same kind from a few months ago.

  4. Gary

    Yeah the Post is always on the top of the “insider truth tellers”.
    Yet it was also noted on ESPN college football show last night to.
    Like you say of many things “I will believe it when I see it”

    I was always big believer of joining the Big East but really am not so sure now until Coach N has a few years under his belt-not that it would happen within 2 years would it?

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