Postgame Haiku, Vol. 7

Eric Kettani
is on my fantasy team.
Sadly, not Shun White.


8 Responses

  1. We Have a New Coach
    Shun White ran for one less yard
    Than Georgia Tech had total

  2. A very nice win- Now onto Ball State- this time we need to really depend on the D.

  3. you’re doing it wrong
    haiku’s are five-seven-five
    we had this talk, right?

  4. BD-sama, haiku having nothing to do w/football and only applies in the future when I have some real money:

    Why I fly?
    no red lights
    in the sky

    Should we be concerned with the silly OL penalties or is it just opening day jitters? There were some slot-back “movements”, which they came back to position in time.

    I was worried on Towson’s first drive, until the INT.

  5. Towson plugged the dive
    Jared read their risky scheme
    Shun took the pitch…Score!

  6. No haiku but:

    JB’s pass to Doyle
    Went according to Hoyle
    What reason to savor
    Simply returning the favor

  7. When in trouble before,
    on full backs we could call,
    but for reasons still unclear,
    Kettani was AWOL

  8. Good first win for Ken.
    Saw lots of things to like, but – –
    Towson ain’t Ball State.

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