21 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 8

  1. rob

    same defense is right. they can’t tackle. they just fight with the blockers instead of keeping an arm free, flowing to the football, and getting there in a bad mood. they almost look like they still don’t believe in themselves. i’ve seen them for two games now get themselves in the right position only to miss the tackle. i’m also dissappointed in the offense settling for 3 field goals in the 1st half. i knew that would be a problem. and when they didnt get into the endzone on 4th and goal, i knew the team was in serious trouble. overall, i wouldnt give anything better than a d+ for the game. i was very upset with the defensive execution. tackling, pass rush moves, and getting off blocks needs to be a major focus from now on. too much fighting with the o-linemen by the dline and linebackers. and i havent seen a pash rush technique other than an attempted speed rush yet. results will be the same all year if this keeps happening.

  2. rob

    it was obvious ball state was the best team tonight. they made plays when they were given the chance. sorry, i am a coach and was watching the game from a coaches point of view. especially upfront on defense.

  3. fighterjock

    It’s true Ball State made some awesome plays tonight, and the defense had a lot of faults, but you have to give credit to Carter and Vela for the interceptions. And as good at QB as Bryant is, it throws off the team dynamics to have him there. Don’t get me wrong, he played a good game, especially the first half. They should do well at Duke next week.

  4. rob

    both interceptions were great. let me say this, for the first time since johnson left i felt very good about the play calling on offense. reminded me a lot of johnson. and the adjustments that were made on the offensive side of the ball were very good. the team’s going to be ok. i think a lot of people knew this was one of those toss up games. it’s ok, they’ll work hard and play better next week.

  5. Gary

    JB was way off last night in his passing (dying quails) and his running (he seemed scared and confused-dare I say “deer in the headlights”).
    When we got stopped on 4th and 1 near the goal I had a sinking feeling that was it ( with zero-faith in the D).
    What it means is we wont beat the likes of Rutgers-Wake-Pitt- ND and again leave behind a schedule of wins against “no name-not so good teams” as we head to the Congressional Bowl.
    In fact this is the first year I am not so sure we will beat Duke.

  6. Bill

    I thought JB was a good passer. Some of those throws were ugly. He was throwing off balance as well.Poor execution from the team last night.We are a better team that showed up yesterday.

  7. Gary

    Truth be told- I did expect better.
    They were pancaking Nate (non factor) all night long.
    One thing even announcers mentioned was that Navy did not seem excited about playing and I did not see that typical Navy emotion- perhaps a Friday night after a rough week in the yard doesnt help us? I even saw one Mid yawning widely right behind Coach Ken. Imagine if PJ had spotted that?
    Perhaps if we had completed wide open pass # 1 the game would have been different?

  8. fighterjock

    Bryant was definitely not at the top of his game (especailly by the fourth quarter he just looked lost), and I think coming off a game like Towson, they didn’t give Ball State the credit they deserved from the beginning. And it’s true I saw very little emotion from them last night, which is highly uncharacteristic. They could have had the game, they just weren’t playing like they usually do. But they’ll learn from it and step it up next week at Duke.

  9. Chuck

    The team lacked emotion throughout the game. It felt like something was missing. Buddy Green’s defense provided too many flashbacks to last year’s squad.

    Taking a look at the remaining schedule, a winning season is not in the bag. Duke is a critical game in many ways. Even though it’s early, the season could go either way at this point. I’m optimistic that KN & staff are up for the challenge.

    Let’s hope that Kaipo’s return will be the spark that this team needs – on both sides of the ball.

  10. Gary

    Lets know that Duke will be penciling in that potential W from their side-last year was a tough game and they can pass all day on us.
    It looks like Kaipo at QB and JB at slot and punt/KO returns would be more valuable to us.
    By the way KEEP TEAGUE from tackling way too much – his kickoffs have been great and we cant afford going back to our kickoffs to the 20 yard line days!

  11. Navy 72

    Let’s not forget that Navy took opening half kick off back and scored in ~4 plays and TOOK the lead. So, I don’t buy that they were not into the game.

    Turning point was not punching it on on 4th and goal in second possession of Q3. Game, set, match.

    Tackling was poor. Ball State QB was rushed on only one pass which was intercepted.

    Looking ahead, Duke will be tougher this year. New coach has’em playing decent ball. Rutgers is beatable. Saw their opening game against Fresno State: no offense, not much better defense. WF will have to play sub-par game for us to beat them. Pitt’s beatable. Temple will be much tougher. ND game too much of a wild card.

    We should be OK. Defense has to improve so that offense doesn’t have to score EVERY time they get the ball.

  12. Gary

    Yeah and after watching Ball State I may have to stand corrected.
    But then again the kid was not given the “keys to the car” like Kaipo was given.
    He NEVER got the chance to show what he could do as a full time QB and never will- so at this rate whats best for the team would be making the optimum use of JB`s talents.

  13. GoalieLax

    did you ever stop to think for a second that if he was given these proverbial “keys to the car,” the car would end up wrapped around a tree?

  14. footballdaddan

    Gary, … You are sadly mistaken here, … and either your “sources” are way “out to lunch”, … or you just are spewing out b/s to “get a rise” out of regular posters.

    Bryant was given equal, if not MORE, of an opportunity to compete for the Navy starting QB job –> especially early on (Don’t forget the 2005 Pointsettia Bowl where he came in to run at least an entire series @ QB –> Kaipo ran reps as a WR his Plebe year). When it came to running the PJ TO offense, … Kaipo just beat him out plain & simple.

    There are now (and have been) lots of talented kids on these Navy football teams that would have given their left testicle to have goten even a fraction of the game PT/opportunity that JB has gotten so far in his USNA football career. –> You insult them w/ this “JB never got his fair shake” crap!!!

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about, … and now have used up any “good will” with this Navy fan. Just stop –> It’s become pathetic.

  15. Gary

    Sorry if I have worn you down FBD and in some cases yes- absolutely what I said was to “get a rise” but if its taken on the form of becoming too serious then make your comments and move on.
    But some guys here are way too serious and easily offended and if people cant take stuff they dont want to hear then what fun is it?
    You look around and Navy boards get minimal if any interest and when someone actually shows interest but their views are not the same?
    Well guys if you want to treat your boards like the Academy itself and take all the personality out of it-then enjoy.

  16. Hello 6-6,

    Looks to me as one of these three will beat us this year: Duke, AF, or Temple. Most likely is AF.

    Unless the D improves greatly, we won’t be within striking distance of WF, Pitt or ND (yes, I saw the ND-SDSU game).

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