No? Neither have I. Which is probably the very reason why they have entered a sponsorship deal with the Congressional Bowl, now known as the EagleBank Bowl. The game has also been moved from the Nationals’ ballpark to RFK, which might be unpopular, but probably makes sense given the better parking situation there. Besides, as someone who went to high school in Arlington and loved football games at RFK, I’m a little biased. I love getting a chance to see another game there.

In the realm of the absurd, we have this bit from the website:

Join us, Thursday, December 18, 2008 for the Official EagleBank Bowl VIP Reception.

Rub elbows with Team Coaches, Player Captains, School Administrators, as well as Local, State and Federal level political officials as we kick off the EagleBank Bowl at this exclusive evening event. Tickets to this event start at $150 per person.

On Friday, December 19, 2008, it’s you and your company’s chance to sit with players from your favorite Bowl Team at the Official EagleBank Bowl Teams Luncheon.

Experience an inspirational event where the charities will be honored and listen in as an ESPN Bowl game commentator moderates conversation with the two teams.

Tables of 8 can be purchased for this event starting at $2500.
Limited number of Individual Tickets will also be available for $300 each.

As a point of comparison, the Rose Bowl luncheon was $85 last year. I don’t know what kind of experience they’re going to offer at this shindig to justify a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR pricetag, but it better be something like what Michael Douglas got in The Game for that kind of money. That, or an awful lot of hookers and blow. And why does a table of 8 cost MORE than 8 individual tickets?? Clearly the bowl organizers have taken the whole “congressional” thing a bit too literally and decided to run this with the smooth-as-concrete logic of your typical government operation. The luncheon is usually a highlight for me, but I’m not spending my hard-earned blogger cash on a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR lunch. Like Ron Paul, perhaps we’ll have to have an “alternative” luncheon of our own. It won’t have the coaches or players, but with the money you save you can buy a GPS unit or a plane ticket home or the complete “Now That’s What I Call Music” series or something. We’ll revisit the idea after win #6 (knock knock).

"What's the big deal?"


  1. GoalieLax

    couldn’t they at least called it the EqagleBank Congressional Bowl? damn, it already sounds like it’s going to go under from name alone

  2. thelegacyx4

    they should have a requirement for bowl game names. If less than 75% of the nation doesn’t recognize your company you can’t be a sponsor. Shoot though, we were in the Humanitarian Bowl last year. It was sponsored by a truckstop.

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