18 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 9

  1. Shack

    I think it’s time for a new defensive coordinator. They finally stunted and got a semblance of a pass rush and ran a 3-4 (albeit sparingly). However, their pass coverage is way too soft and they play way too far off the ball. It is painfully obvious to anyone who has any football coaching experience that what they have been doing doesn’t work. They must quit banging their heads against the wall. The offensive coordinators of their opponents must be salivating every week.

  2. bcr9751

    uuuugggghhhh! I take back every time I ever thought Bryant would be better than Kaipo. Without Kaipo we only have one real threat in White. Bryant looked like he was running in molasses. I think if Kaipo plays the whole game we could have won. It looked like the team didn’t play with any heart after he left at the end of the 1st half.

  3. papafu

    My position is on target with bcr9751. I had great hopes for Bryant too. I hope Kaipo comes back full steam ahead and we also begin to see what Ricky Dobbs can do. He needs to get some PT. I haven’t lost hope. Things can only get better.

  4. banshee74

    Amazing contrast of “involvement” with the folks on the field between Coach Ken against Duke and Paul Johnson in the VT game. Take the headset off, get the “O” coordinator on the sideline, and be more involved in the game. Also, start thinking of some new wrinkles to the straight 3-4 “D”. The pass success rate of 10-20 tosses without any pressure from the striker or OLB position is giving opposing “O” coordinators great resumes!!! 3 games with over 300 yards passing from not the greatest opponents. It will not be easier in the next 5 games!!

  5. Parent of 2008 Recruit

    It must be hard to evaluate, coach and develop players with the roster size Navy has so they don’t make changes because “new wrinkles” might mean new players. When you’ve got a roster that is unmanageable, you can’t “see” and “practice” everyone so you stick with what’s comfortable even if it doesn’t work. According to the birddog, “the roster ended up shrinking” under PJ. Well, it’s grown under KN (from 147 in 2007 to 162 in 2008) and when you’ve got players who “never even see” their position coach anymore, it can’t be good.

  6. Knowall

    NAVY has to do something about the offence and special teams. The job of a coaching staff is to give athletes a chance to win by making good decisions. The coaching staff needs to step up their game on football related points. West Verginia and Navy promoted long time assistants in successful programs to replace successful coaches.

  7. bear8597

    Good points on the D. The Offense in the second half was shockingly bad. I have not seen that since 2001.
    The Offensive Line has been a big disappointment. Coach Ken needs to do something on the special teams return game. Mario Washington has cost field position with his inability to catch a punt. The kickoff returner men are slow and have trouble getting past the 20. Navy can do better

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