Oh, By The Way…

It was announced today that Navy and CBS College Sports have agreed to a 10-year extension on their broadcast contract. You already knew that because Chet (and I) told you last week. But tucked into the end of the official release is this:

During the length of the agreement, CBS College Sports Network will broadcast notable match-ups including games against Wake Forest; Air Force; East Carolina; Ohio State; Pittsburgh; Rutgers; Texas Christian University; Northwestern; Duke; Ole Miss and Syracuse.

Well that’s news. I thought we weren’t going to play ACC teams anymore, but I guess there’s a new Duke contract. Can’t wait to see when these games are scheduled.


5 Responses

  1. ‘Cuse is in the house (Oh my God! Oh my God!!)

  2. Ohio State, Northwestern – the Big Ten; Ole Miss – the SEC; can Auburn and Alabama (my state) be far behind?

  3. Nice job helping out Wags on his blog.

  4. We could drop Rutgers forever as far as I am concerned.
    Syracuse Home and Home would be great to see again.
    But maybe Michigan would have been better than Ohio State-that opening game next year has scary potential damage to a team that will be in real transition and unproven.

  5. For two million dollars, I’d schedule the Redskins.

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