24 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 11

  1. pills91

    Once again Phat, you nailed it.

    I surely hope that the ACC looks at this film, from the center flinching, to the two phantom “chops” to the total lack of calling the holding on the corner, these refs may have been the worst, ever.

  2. rkm44


  3. Help me out on this one. Nate crossed into the neutral zone and the guard on the opposite side from the center jumps up. I thought that it was only a lineman in the area that could be induced into a false start?

  4. Greg

    The Umpire needs to be investigated – there is no way he wasn’t up to something. Ridiculous!

    Interesting Fact – Navy has had the lead in the 3rd quarter of all 5 games this year

  5. Shack

    The coverage on ESPNU was almost as bad as the officiating: 1) The announcers talked incessantly instead of providing the viewers with information pertaining to the game 2) The graphics (i.e. down & distance and score were consistently wrong and the yellow first down stripe was missing frequently. 3) Plays (or portions of them) were missed. ESPN should be ashamed of such poor coverage.

  6. jimbear

    I was listening on radio and Chet really got after the ACC offical in the booth according to Wags on the halftime show.. The refs were blatant homers. Since we use the ACC officials for our games I suggest a heart to heart with the head of their officials regarding the rules and how Navy blocks by Chet. If this shrade is ever repeated Chet should fire the ACC refs, Hit them where it hurts for gross incompetence- in the wallet!

  7. Matt

    to comment on the ESPNU announcers, they thought Navy had been in Conference USA previously and then became an independent… clearly they had no idea that Navy has always been an independent and always will be. (confused us with Army, i guess) they had other things wrong too, which is horrible, considering they are getting paid.

  8. Paul

    Wasn’t able to watch the game…did Coach N lay into the officials or did he play it cool? Did the commentators offer any opinion on the calls?

    Also any idea in Kiapo’s injury is likley to keep him out against AF? Having had hamstring injuries in the past I imagine that it is unlikley that he will play though I am going to hope that he’ll be out there leading the offense next Saturday.

    No matter what this was a nice win.

  9. Paul

    Wow. I just found an on-line video of the helmet to helmet hit to start the third quarter.

    How that wasn’t called is a travesty! It’s one thing to have questionable calls when it comes to holding, pass interference, etc. but it is another when the safety of the players is involved. I am in disbelieve that the flag was picked up on that play.

    Is that the type of play that the ACC will look at and consider suspension? Do players even get suspended for helmet to helmet hits?

  10. pills91

    I’m going to upset some folks, but, after watching the replay, it looks to me like Angelo is the one who ducked his head at the last minute. The WF player had broker down, and, had his head up at contact.

  11. Paul

    I saw a little of that too pills91 but was wondering if one player bears more of a responsibilty to avoid the helmet to helmet contact?

    Is it some sort of per se liability? As a former hockey referee, it was almost a given that if a player was hit from behind, the checking player was going to the box. Only in rare instances when it was very obvious that the player recieving the hit turned into would there not be a penalty call. The reason this penalty in hockey was called so strictly was because of the serious potential for injury and the assumption that the player doing the hitting was in the best position to keep the hit clean and legal. I was under the impression, perhaps mistakenly, that helemt to helmet contact in football was called in a similiar way. I could be way off though.

  12. pills91

    Well, I didn’t see the hit in the GT/VT game, so can’t comment there. As a football guy, I’m not a huge fan of the helmet to helmet rules anyway. They seem to be punitive to the defense for, essentially, size dffierentials between players.

    In this case, I didn’t see the WF player use his helmet as a weapon. It was just unfortunate that their heads collided on the play.

    Of course, these officials deserved no benefit of the doubt after their performance during the game.

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