Postgame Haiku, Vol. 12

I love ugly wins.
They’re a whole lot better than
the alternative.


38 Responses

  1. “It was such a great game it was a shame that someone had to lose!”

    Paul Johnson 2005 Air Force game

  2. The WORST offfensive play calling
    Lucky that we won
    Need to be more creative on OFFENSE

  3. …..and perceptive!

  4. Heard the joke about
    Troy Calhoun’s new way to count?
    “Oh-and-one; Oh-and….”

  5. if you know how to be more creative with Jarod Bryant, please, PLEASE spill the beans. You don’t think Ivin WANTS to be more creative??

  6. Navy steals a win
    Kettani impresses again
    Why no Shun White, why?

    Offense worries me
    Bravo zulu special teams
    Need Kaipo back

  7. Offensive play calling too conservative, but nothing ever feels better than watching the Air Force fans and team after the game. I know I should not hate them, but I do. We all know it is different with Army, as in I actually respect them. We have now “got lucky” six times in a row. I will take it.


    Off to post one the Air Force Blogs!!

  8. Say what you will about our special teams, they do know how to take “yes” for an answer …

  9. Into the high
    Mountain air goes all
    Who thought Air Force had it

  10. It was conservative play calling but it’s the W that matters…

  11. Paul to answer your question:

    Smith’s lunge through the middle was set up by Jake Paulson’s recovery of Shun White’s fumble deep in Navy territory.

  12. since i couldnt watch the game, i dont know how badly they looked. but i will say one thing, after the duke game i was worried about the season, now at 4-2 is a lot better than what i thought could be the case after this game. so, and maybe i shouldnt be, but i’m optimistic about the rest of the season now.

  13. Tough for an ole man with high blood pressure but who can argue with the results.

  14. Good points have been made: IJ is limited with Bryant at QB and Shun White’s untimely fumbles (please refer to Wagner’s live game blog). Again, the defense has looked great. The only success Air Force had was passing because we still play way too far off of the ball.

  15. I’m sick and tired
    of all the negative fans
    that are new this year

    seriously guys
    the navy board has become
    a cesspool lately

  16. Three game balls (in no particular order):

    Blake Carter
    Eric Kettani
    Matt Harmon

    Anyone else deserve a mention that I forgot?

  17. if it was the Sunday Night football horse trailer, they’d have the whole special teams unit plastered on the side as the players of the game

  18. Special teams big plays
    Secured the win for Navy.
    Air Force played us tough.

  19. W…as in Who cares how?

  20. Two blocked punts for scores
    Harmon kicked four field goals true
    Mids: “This is our house!”

  21. I don’t buy into the idea that I. Jasper can’t do this or that with JB in there. S. White had only 3 carries the whole game! Jasper was content on having JB run inside most of the game–at least it seemed. It was fine to have Kettani muscle it out in the middle, but why not go outside and have JB pitch the ball to S. White a lot more, with a few passes mixed in here and there during the game? Jasper played not to lose the game, instead of playing to win it!
    But the reality is: Navy IS BETTER with Kaipo as qb. I believe Kaipo would have completed the pass to Tyree Barnes that would have been a TD.
    Coach Green had his defense playing off the receivers too much again.
    But the bottom line is Navy found a way to win, and that is a tremendous tribute to all of the Navy players! They all did what they had to to win.

  22. Sean Carney – coach now…
    He’s still at Air Force – on staff.
    No big surprise there.

    But he’s still losing
    To the Midshipmen again.
    What was that promise he made???

  23. RusGoNavy,
    The coaching staff has made that point about JB a number of times, just in more artful language. I buy it.

  24. A win is a win. And a win vs. AF is the best.

    At this point, I can’t imagine how bad RD must be if he can’t do better than JB did yesterday. Nothing against the kid’s effort OR leadership, but, it’s obvious he doesn’t grasp the TO, and, for whatever reason, can’t hang on to the football (he must have small hands, seeing that he seems to fumble even when he has it secured).

    I want JB to succeed, but, I also think this team can be special if the QB position fixes itself.

  25. A win is a win. Shun and Jarrosneed to do a better job holding on to the ball.

  26. Moving right along now …
    A bye week … three home games … another bye week … and then Notre Dame. If we can continue to improve over the next three games as we have in the last three, this could be a GREAT year … but one game at a time. Pitt will be tough. McCoy (Pitt running back) looked great this week. This bye is coming at the right time. We have an excellent coaching staff. They see the same things we see. (They are probably watching film as I type.) You can bet they are working on ways to make the team better. I sincerely believe that our team gives everything it has every time it plays. As a result, we have won a number of games that other teams with the same talent would have lost – and our fan base has gotten a little spoiled over the last six years. It is amazing to think that most of us Navy fans actually believe we have a chance to “run the table” and finish 11 – 2. And I will continue to believe that no matter what happens on 10/18, 10/25, and 11/1. P.S How many other teams in the country have ALL of their games on TV?

  27. Pills:
    Cut Dobbs some slack. He’s young, and TO isn’t easy to run. Give him time.

  28. I am a little worried about the QB position for the remainder of this year and for next year.

    First, as to Kaipo, he could be dealing with this hamstring deal for the remainder of the season.

    Finally, I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that if Kaipo goes down, we really do not have anybody who can step up as it relates to running a true TO.

  29. I like how this team is shaping up. If we can get KAIPO healthy, we should be competitive in all our remaining games. Bryant can’t run the triple option. I can only conclude Ricky Dobbs can’t as well?? How is that possible?? Doesn’t bode well for the future.

  30. So much for Mueh’s guarantee…

  31. RD will be fine. The TO takes time. CC and BH both had significant periods of time that they looked clueless running it, but they got it . . . BH was running it as good as anyone has before he was hurt.

    RD’s physical skills are better than anyone since . . . and once this season is over he will get lots and lots of IJ time.

  32. WTDoor–

    I had totally forgotten about Mueh’s guarantee. Great call.

    The AF fans complaining about using a freshman QB and the special teams problems…

    Navy used a backup QB, too. Granted a senior and captain, but also a guy who seems to have the yips, so to speak, ITO handling the ball.

    The special teams thing reminds me of the Navy-AF game in 97. A blocked punt was the only way AF was going to score a TD…so they blocked a punt!

    So glad to find other real Navy fans here. Thank you for hosting us, Mike aka Phat.

  33. A thought on dobbs vs bryant:

    In the second half vs Air Force, the Navy coaches had two options.

    One is a senior captain who had just led a victory, on the road, over a ranked team. It was his program’s first win over a team ranked by the AP in 23 years. In that game he played poorly but showed up when needed most.

    The other option is a sophomore whose only career playing time has come against a division I-AA opponent this year and a quick spurt against a program last year (army) that is among the worst in d1a.

    Remember, football coaches are completely paranoid. They play those with whom they are comfortable. Right now they are more comfortable with Bryant. And Navy is winning.

  34. Ricky Dobbs played in the Army-Navy game??? –> Don’t think so, … Also to be honest, JB should only get partial credit for “leading Navy to a victory” over WF (granted he was the “QB of record” for the game) … But otherwise your point is well made.

    GO Navy!!! … Beat PITT!!!

  35. football dad dan–you’re right, Dobbs did not play against Army. Great catch.

  36. Goalie Lax:

    Please remember that blogging is not always the clearest way of communicating. Also, most of us were Mids, or were in direct contact with them; so we pay attention to detail. We get used the TO humming along and get frustrated when it doesn’t. If we were shooting the bull, we would say something stupid and immediately realize it, and correct it. On the blog, it is not that fluid. Allow some of us to grow. Just look at my haikus, the first one really sucked; but soon I’ll be sending my resume to Tokyo for the Shogun position. HA HA!!
    As always BEAT ARMY!!

  37. Just to clarify… Blog =/= message board.

  38. Blogging is easier to say than message boarding!

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