Last week I asked for Navy’s biggest win since 2003. 174 of you voted, and the predictably resounding winner was the 2007 Notre Dame game, with 123 votes. I tried to make my case for 2003 Air Force, but I failed to sway the steely-eyed and uncompromising jury of Birddog readers.

This week, we give out the People’s Choice award for MVP of the Air Force game. Do you vote for a playmaker or a workhorse? The candidates:

  • Jarod Bryant: 24 carries, 101 yards, and a touchdown.
  • Eric Kettani: 75 of the toughest yards you’ll ever see.
  • Greg Shinego: Blocked punt #1, setting the tone for the game.
  • Blake Carter: Returned the first blocked punt for a TD and blocked a punt of his own. He sat at my table at the bowl luncheon in Charlotte. Naturally, I take credit for his performance.
  • Matt Harmon: As far as we know, there’s no rule against laser-guided footballs.
  • Nate Frazier: General beastliness.

Make your case!

17 thoughts on “MONDAY POLL: MVP

  1. GoalieLax

    trying to split apart special teams players is like splitting votes between perdoia and youkilis for AL MVP…

    while the blocked punts were clearly highlight reel favorites, I have to give my vote to harmon. tailwind and altitude or not, a 48 yarder is a heck of a kick…ant that was not even as awesome as his 44 yarder into the wind!

  2. Dave'69

    I give my vote to Harmon. It feels so good watching at home and counting on at least 3 points when we reach the 30. As an ex-squash player, I can only imagine how good it feels when you are wearing the uniform on the field.
    Speaking of kicking, lets give some credit to our kickoff man. (Sorry I don’t know his name.) I just love watching the other team take a knee on a kickoff – and it seems like it is happening quite a lot this year

  3. chbags

    …. and that was not even as awesome as his 44 yarder into the wind! …

    I will add that it was gusting and had a large crosswind component too .. the winds were all over the place during the game … and then the rain at the end might have been a factor in the AFA fumble at the end

  4. EightyFiver

    Tough call between Carter and Harmon. I went with Carter — he twice accounted for 50% of big special teams TDs. (Allocating 50% of the credit to the blocker and 50% of the guy who scores the TD.) These two plays were the biggest of the game.

    Harmon’s performance was flat-out awesome too. This was a close call; this guy deserves a lifetime achievement award.

    Hon. mentions to Nate, Kettani, and Shinego.

  5. Kettani. Kettani. And more Kettani. He came in with a target on him (2x career games), just like Shun had after Towson. Every yard that JB had, was because multiple defenders decided who was the bigger threat. Recovered the onside kick attempt and risked the wrath of the coaches for leaping over the pile on 4th down. Not taking away from the other individual efforts, but EK was the man Saturday.

  6. Herbal

    Harmon and not just because his points equal the margin of victory. His consistency gives us options beyond going for it on 4th down, even outside the red zone.

    When the bread and butter triple option isn’t running on all eleven cylinders, confidence in the kicking game is critical.

  7. pipehunter

    Write in for O’Rourke and the other specials coaches. They saw some things, capitalized on them, and picked up two tds.

  8. GoalieLax

    if you want to talk about points, harmon holds the clear edge there as well (easy to forget a blocked punt returned for a TD only scores 6 points…it’s mr. automatic that makes it 7)

    harmon – 15
    carter – 12

  9. usmc53

    Carter. This was a special teams win, so I definitely go w/ either Carter or Harmon, and I pick Carter b/c of how exciting his plays were. That second blocked punt TD must have been pretty demoralizing for some people on AF’s sideline.

  10. EKW JR

    Special Teams. I am not going to single out a particular player as MVP. Five, ten years from now this game will be remembered as the game that Special Teams won. Carter, Harmon, Doyle, and Shinnego will all be part of the legend as it is re-told again and again.

    This may also be the game that defines Kettani’s legacy. He came through in the clutch. The season, however, needs to more fully unfold for EK.

    A quick pitch for Bobby Doyle. The guy’s a gamer. He knows where the pay dirt is, and Navy needs to use him even more.

  11. DGC

    They guys up front start it all … for an offensive line with a lot of questions going into the year and one starting out for the season … the get no pub.
    My vote … Ricky Moore. If you can make the transition from tackle to center, never having been a center in your life and be 6’4″, 295 (biggest guy on the team) and have a team rushing the ball for a gizzilon yards .. you get my vote.

  12. EKW JR

    One more MVP comment as I look down the list of candidates.

    This was a team victory. It is doubtful that Navy would have won had not each of these players contributed at the levels that they did.

  13. Navy football parent

    can’t make a choice like that no matter what…you left off at least 16 more players all making plays and working hard. never make choices or decisions that can separate the team


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