26 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 13

  1. Gary

    Refunds in order.
    Coach gave up after halftime and
    Never allowed us a chance to win or give the impression we would try and get back into the game – rather he wanted to get reps and practice.
    Should have just started Dobbs for what he allowed JB to do.
    Not a HAIKU (but dont sue me) but still disappointing.
    How were we ever only 3 pt dogs?
    Ouchhhhh was right.

  2. merlin

    It was a good game
    This was payback from last year
    Pittsburgh all the way!


    Navy played real hard
    You need Kaipo to win games
    Bryant’s not that good

  3. Gary

    Perhaps continue with the short passing game they employed at the start that did help a bit.
    Thats it- but based on that they would never have been able to sustain the blocking either.
    So are you saying Coach had nothing to do with this disaster?

  4. NavyFan

    Gary-Your post are hilarious. You were the guy that wanted JB to start over Kaipo. Walter Camp wouldn’t have won this game. Best team won. Period. beat SMU.

  5. Gary

    Thats bout it- if you were there were you not wondering where the passing attempts were? Was not this a game we heard was going to be opened up ? Where was the “toss it all out there to win attitude”?
    We came out in second half waving that white flag of surrender courtesy of Coach N.
    However, the bottom line I had wanted JB to start over Kaipo- yes- Guilty as charged and it has not worked out.
    But even Kaipo was getting more downfield passing attempts and more plays to make.. (maybe he was just a better playmaker too-period but in the end he just runs the offense better-HANDS down.

  6. No, I wasn’t wondering about passing attempts. That’s not what I think of when I think of opening up the offense. It’s very ironic that you think this way, since Jarod Bryant played a lot better yesterday than he had earlier in the year.

  7. Gary

    When it gets to the point of me saying- wheres Kaipo? -well, case closed. I still recall the passes that he could make in certain games that never came during JB`s games.
    I thought once again that another early JB fumble didnt help- and therein is another huge difference in that Kaipo almost never laid the ball on the ground.
    Two things for sure:
    1- We are not ready for Prime Time players (Top 25 always one of MY goals and we had that well within reach).
    2- We better start getting the Towsons for Homecoming after next year.
    Also what was the reason behind the 3:30 games for this year.

  8. Section 130

    When the blockers don’t block

    And the tacklers don’t tackle

    It makes little difference

    Who stands behind center…

    Pitt came ready to fight

    And Navy did not.

    42 to 21? Not really that close.

  9. Anonymous

    Noticed our passing yards are way down from last year.

    How many quarters has Kaipo played? He’s 10 of 14 for 192 yards – 0 INT.

    How many quarters by JB? 18 of 32 for 265 yds – 3 INT.

    We don’t even have the threat of a passing game.
    Doesn’t the passing game help break up the assignment football that opposing defences hit us with?

    With the middle linebacker flying to the pitch, we had nothing to exploit that?

  10. bcr9751

    I agree with Mike, the quarterback wasn’t the issue this week. JB played well, not great, but he wasn’t the difference. It looked like we weren’t able to block Pitt’s defense. There linebackers flowed very well to the outside and their D-line dominated. I believe they had two weeks to prepare for the triple-option, which helped alot. Pitt was the better team and it would have taken a near perfect game from Navy to win. I don’t think the team or the coaches gave up, I think we just got beat. Sometimes it happens. Hopefully the team rebounds against SMU and has good momentum going into Notre Dame.

  11. NavyFan

    Good grief, some people think we should be USC. Look at the size of the guys that run on the field for Navy and then look at the other team. It is a minor miracle Navy accomplishes what they do every year.

    Gary-If you want to cheer for a Top 25 team you should probably pick another team. That is not going to happen here nine years out of 10. Why should we be a Top 25 team when none of our players were offered by any of the Top 25 teams?

  12. Dave'69

    A competative spirit is something we all share at the Academy. We believe we can win every battle – as we should. After we lose one, we also believe we will still win the next one and the next one and the next one.
    Beat SMU!
    Beat Temple!
    Beat Nortre Dame!
    Beat N. Illinois!
    Beat Army!
    Win the EagleBank Bowl game!

  13. Gary

    I hear you but..was Pitt- USC?
    So then what do you go into a season saying? I want to be in the Top 65? If I were saying Top 10 then there is an issue with my sanity-Top 25? You see from many other teams like Vandy and Ball State and even AF for years-its not an impossible goal at all.
    You didnt go into this weeks game thinking a perfect chance at National Top 25 recognition? When we finished there under PJ- No “special” feelings at being Nationally ranked?
    You think the Mids go into the game were thinking this years record was a “minor miracle”?
    I know Clint Sovie was quoted last year saying “Top 25 was important to him and a goal” Just like Kyle Eckel was quoted as saying “we get as pumped and enjoy playing and trying to beat ND than Army”.
    Please these kids deserve better than fans patting them on the back saying- “nice try little train that couldnt”.
    That said Pitt just whacked and totally out coached and their fans- out fanned us big time.
    Move on.

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