1. jgish92

    I may have to reconsider my trip to Columbus. I always love going to see Navy play live and I’ve always wanted to visit the ‘Shoe. But the sickness in my gut during the entire second half last Saturday has me rethinking whether or not I want to pay a bunch of money to put myself throught that again. There is about a 10% chance that we keep the score within 21 points. And that’s if OSU decides not to run it up on us.

  2. goat7ed

    I don’t know about “thrilled”, but between Pitt and Ohio St. right now is Utah. Ahead of Ohio St is Texas Tech who we’ve seen within the last few years. We’ve faced higher ranked teams, although many weren’t “planned” when the schedules were developed (see 2008). Actually picking a monster game for one of four challenges every once in a while isn’t a necessarily a bad thing.

    We were outgunned by Pitt. But there was still “coulda, woulda” stuff out there seen by some believing it could have been closer.

    The biggest thing we walked away with from the Pitt game was no injuries. That is the least I’d hope for in Columbus.

  3. Charles B. Humes

    Why have the home football games been moved back to 1530 start ? After looking @ next year’s schedule,does the 4/4/4 scheduling rule still apply?

  4. Gary

    I wouldnt pay to go see “Custers Last Stand” at the horseshoe but I thought @ Pitt was game 2? Was that dropped?
    Ive been asking for those “quality” name team games for years and now that I get granted Ohio State-my gut feels sick at the thought.
    I would feel better if we scheduled Michigan.

  5. PoppaNovember

    Mike, I’m a Georgia Tech grad and longtime fan of Navy football. I wanted to complement you on your analysis of the Navy (and now GT) offense. A link was posted at BBuzzoff.com, and I think you may get a lot of Tech fans hoping to get some insight into the inner workings of the spread-option.

    Along with most Tech fans, I’m happy that PJ came to Tech. But since I also follow the Mids, I’m hoping Coach Ken can keep things rolling. The win over the Wakeys was big, and I see nothing but good things for the program.

    Great site.

  6. 150Punts

    I don’t mind the 1530 kickoffs, but would like some variety (i.e. night games + early afternoon) rather than being locked into the same thing. I do like the sunsets in the 2nd half, by the way. Now if they could just put some extra lights in the parking lot….

  7. With regard to 4/4/4 schduling. Seems right now we’re 2-1 on our stretch games (RU, WF, Pitt), 1-2 in toss-up games (BSU, Duke, AF) and 1-0 in games we’d be favorites (Towson). Seems we can still have a big season “holding serve.”

    Next year looks like 4 (tOSU, Pitt, WF, ND) / 4 (AF, Rice, HI, Army) / 4 (LaTech, WKU, SMU, GS, Del). Although it is arguable to swap SMU/HI next year, still don’t know enough about trajectories of the teams. And Rice could be a toss-up game.


    Time to link up a tip-jar for your beer/computer fund.

  8. pipehunter

    I don’t like the 1530 starts. It does provide more time for pregame for us, but it makes for a whole day. Looks like we get home at 8 after a loss, and after 9 if we win.

  9. Phil

    For me, the 3:30 start times are better than 12 or 1:30. While I get home later (like 11) I prefer that over the leaving the house at 8 or 9 to get down for a 12 or 1:30 game with little to no time to tailgate before hand (i.e., cheap lunch vs. semi-warm hot dogs inside)

  10. jimbear

    I watch the full game yesterday after coming home from Vegas. I was able to watch first half and start of Army game side by side at Ceasars till wife took break from shopping & got me.
    Great film breakdown as usual. I though JB made wrong read when EK was crushed. Navy was just hammered by a better team out for revenge from last year.
    Mike what are your feeling about Dobbs? The kid looks like a strong runner with a live arm but I’ve never seen him pitch the ball.

  11. That’s just it– I have no opinion on him because I haven’t seen much of him. I mean, we know he’s the closest thing physically to the prototypical option quarterback, and he has a howitzer for an arm. But other than measuring how often coaches yell at him in practice, it’s hard to tell where he stands with the mental portion of the game. And more and more we see how that’s what’s most important.

    It’s never really been about Dobbs, anyway. He’s an unknown right now. It’s really a referendum on how Jarod is playing, and I think he made some great strides last week.

    Seeing how much JB improved this week after some special attention from Coach Jasper makes me feel better about Ricky’s readiness for next year, too. Actually, the most intriguing QB story for me right now is the battle for NEXT year’s #2 spot.

  12. subsnstripes


    Can you tell us about how a triple option quarterback should be prepared? What will get Ricky Dobbs or anyone else for that matter ready?

  13. It’s mostly about repetition. Making the right reads is friggin’ hard! I can pull out a few clips and tell what the quarterback should do after watching it a few times, but it’s a whole different animal when it’s happening 10 feet away from you & you have half a second to decide. Niumat has said that Ricky does well in film, so it’s more a question of training his reaction than it is teaching him what to do.

    I’m not sure how our coaches teach it. One thing Fisher DeBerry used to do is tell his quarterbacks to go into a triple option play assuming that he was going to give to the fullback. The correct decision is to give on most reads, so Fisher felt that it helped simplify things if he only taught his QB to react to those reads that would tell him to keep.

  14. football dad dan

    Not trying to “incite a riot” or cause “great gnashing of teeth” … But hasn’t Coach Jasper been giving lots-o-special-attention” to JB all along this season??? –> And if he hadn’t, … WTF???

    Beat SMU!!!

  15. Those were Ivin’s own words, that maybe he spent too much time being the offensive coordinator and not enough being the quarterbacks coach. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I know I saw JB play better on Saturday.

  16. DotBone89

    Unless Ricky is going Marine artillery, shouldn’t he have a 5″ 54 for an arm ( if we still had BB’s, it could be a 16″ volkswagen launcher ).


  17. Stephen

    T.J., Well, they’re not going to fit in a fighter — a large (pun unintentional) number of them end up in transport or tankers. I once had the crew of a C-130 in my Caprice and the suspension bottomed out on bumps in the road. Yeeck!

    Navy-AF was on CSTV and got played again and again and again during the following week. I was loooving it.
    Navy-Pitt was also on CSTV. I’m bound to say I’m not enjoying all the repeats quite as much this week.

  18. KoutetsuKaigun

    I could only be happier if Eckel had been picked up by the Steelers. :)

    Mike, do you have any deep thoughts regarding Navy reaching the 1,200 game mark?

  19. Dave'69

    Mike – The link is FANTASTIC! It is a wonderful summary of the history of Navy football. ALL of your blog readers should check it out.

  20. jerzed

    With the Nqtional Weather Service forecasting a 70% chance of rain Friday night and 80% chance on Saturday in Annapolis, is this to Navy’s advantage against the SMU passing offense to play in the rain or on a wet field, or not ??

  21. Christian

    I always worried that rain hurt an option team more than a passing team…see UConn-Navy ’02…but I think my theory has since been disproven…

    One question: Someone asked me if Bryant regressed?

    And I said no. There’s more film out there of him now, so it is easier for defenses to scout him and see what he does well/doesn’t do well.

    What’s your take?

    Also, I’m sick of the Dobbs issue. As you said, the option is all about timing and reads; I think playing time in a game where the outcome has been decided is very overrated.

    Look at how many one-year starting QBs did well in the option under PJ and at Army AF.

  22. El Cid '85

    From Navysports.com press release today…

    10 year Extenstion to CBS for Army-Navy classic….

    In 2009, the annual Army-Navy classic will be broadcast on CBS Sports on Saturday, Dec. 12 (2:30 PM, ET). Each year during the new deal CBS Sports will present a special edition of its pregame show, COLLEGE FOOTBALL TODAY, dedicated to the game and will feature the traditional parade of the Brigade of Midshipmen and the Corps of Cadets onto the field.

    The Army-Navy game will be played on the second Saturday in December each year. The schedule for the length of the agreement is as follows:

    December 12, 2009

    December 11, 2010

    December 10, 2011

    December 8, 2012

    December 14, 2013

    December 13, 2014

    December 12, 2015

    December 10, 2016

    December 9, 2017

    December 8, 2018

  23. Gary

    By the way Saturday we were sitting among some NAPS Mids and one young man had the name tag Eckel and we were wondering is his brother does attend?

    Too bad we couldnt just get 1 Army/Navy game on Game Day ESPN for a night game (well thats my too bad).

  24. Gary

    Thanks Mike- Thought that was him- had same face but looked pretty small as from what Kyle was or was I wrong on that?
    Is he playing football?

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