52 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 14

  1. pills91

    This game was a throw away. Glad to have won it. However, I wouldn’t really take to much from it, other, than, our QB situation looks very bright for next year.

  2. rob a

    see, thats what i’m thinking. the one thing that seems to be apparent is that kaipo runs the offense better. but he’s been injured a lot. i do think jared is a very capable football player. he’s just very good at running a handful of plays and isnt a homerun threat. i do think he’s done a very good job outside of the fumbles and some very bad choices. but he’s the backup for a reason. dobbs looks very good. if he can continue to improve then the quarterback position looks to be in good hands the next two years. i know smu isnt a very good team, but there are always positives to take from games. the line blocked much better. they got a chance to work out some problems. they needed a game like this. although there was some missed tackles, resulting in a long pass play given up, and the weather was bad, i think the defense played and tackled very well. they seemed to be running to the ball very well and there were some very hard hits. hopefully this game will help the team get some rhythm going for the rest of the year. it was also good to see them respond, even if, like i said, smu wasnt very good. they need to just get back to work and hope to improve next week.

  3. navyblue12

    Your analysis was weak. June Jones is wonderful but his team sucked today.

    So, is RD the man. Who knows.

    I have always thought the following for the last month or so:

    1. Kaipo will probably never come back; or, if he does, it will be for a half or less.

    2. JB is limited in what he can do. And,

    3. If JB gets hurt, then what. Well, we saw it today.

    I was sitting with about 100 graduates today watching the game; and, not one of them knew who the 4th string QB was. But, this is a real issue as I have known for about a month.

    The TO is a great offense, but I am not sure if we will run it again this year, since the QB’s, or the coaches, do not know how to run it w/o Kaipo.

  4. navyblue12

    Yes, and here is why. You said:

    “This game could be closer than you think.”

    And, it was not close at all.

    And, your love of June Jones clouded your perspective.

  5. If you think we saw anything close to SMU’s best shot today, you’re an idiot. The game was played in a freaking gale that completely took away the deep ball and made SMU’s punts almost go backwards. My respect for June Jones had nothing to do with my comments. SMU’s 302 passing yards per game and 69 points over the last two weeks taking on the nation’s 107th-ranked pass efficiency defense did. The defense played well, but it was in freak conditions that played right into their hands. If you thought Navy would hold SMU to 7 points, then you’re awesome. And a liar.

    Anyone who says “the coaches don’t know how to run the triple option without Kaipo” doesn’t need to be talking about the quality of other peoples’ analysis.

  6. usmc53

    I ran into Trev Alberts after the game. He told me that, based on what he heard from Navy’s sideline (or whoever he talked to), it’s very possible that JB won’t be able to go next week.

    So, if Kaipo is still out, it’s Dobbs again.

    We shall see…

  7. NavyFan

    No doubt the weather killed SMU today. I thought this game would be close too. Navyblue-go post on gomids with the rest of the idiots.

  8. NavyFan

    Koutetsu-Have you read some of the crap on there. Obviously not everybody is an idiot on there (like you, ’86, a few others) but you have to admit that gomids.com has jumped the shark.

  9. KoutetsuKaigun


    Thank you for the compliment. :) I would not say that the forum has any greater amount of foolish people than anywhere else.

    Half of it I would chalk up to emotion. There has been success at Navy that has not been seen in decades. With that comes the belief that the team has transcended back into national-contender greatness. As such, any errors by the team are seen as executable offenses.
    My wife and I were discussing something like this. She is an Ohio State fan and we were comparing what we considered a “successful” season.
    Her: No more than one loss, beat Michigan, take the Big Ten title, win bowl game.
    Me: Beat Army, beat Air Force, win more than half of the games.
    Different mentality for teams that are considered frequent “national contenders.”

    The other half I would say is just general, run of the mill, stupidity. I just deal with it as best as I can. I deal with the Low-IQ Club every day at work so I suppose I have gotten used to it. :)

  10. Gary

    Its us low IQ guys ( not that theres anything wrong with that) that keep it spicy and entertaining-yet frustrating to others.
    My success season is defined at start of season as always Top 25 , then Beat ND, then Beat “the better teams like Wake-Rutgers-Pitt, then the CIC(blasphemy here I know).
    So you can see why I am looked upon as a very different type of Navy fan (one who does understand the Academy and its goals and Navy football and tradition) because I am more oriented towards overall football success ESPN style.
    Doesnt make me not love Navy football any less than the traditionalists-but I do seem to get on their nerves because…well…perhaps that wonderful Xmas song srom Rudolph says it best “Why Am I Such A Misfit”?
    Enjoy and Go Navy!
    Beat TEMPLE.

  11. pipehunter

    BG’s nickels and dimes + gale = failure of SMU attack. It was downright nasty out there – never even pulled the tents out of my truck. Glad we jumped all over them.

  12. DGC

    I am a 1983 graduate, father of a current USNA senior, retired Navy Commander, and Navy football season football ticket holder. I’ve seen a lot of Navy Football. Some of you have certainly seen more.

    Today’s game was a good Navy victory. The elements took SMU out of their game. That said, today I observed the most impressive moment by a visiting player of any I have observed in my 29 years of Navy football.

    At the end of the game, all the SMU players got of the field very quickly except one. I really can’t blame the SMU players. I sit on the visiting team sideline behind their bench. Those guys were very cold, wet and miserable. All game long, most were hopping up and down trying to stay warm. I am sure that when the game ended and they shook hands, their thoughts were all about getting to the locker room, into the showers under hot water. All except one, player … Blake McJunkin, #63, a freshman offensive lineman. I don’t know if he played a down.

    As I stood, at attention signing “Navy Blue and Gold”, I could not help but to notice a lone SMU player standing at attention in the endzone. There was Blake, standing at attention, through the entire singing of the song. At the end of the song, he relaxed, took a look at the entire stadium, a final look at the Navy Team; then ran into his locker room.

    What an amazing moment. As a parent of a MIDN, I pray that my son’s service means something to someone. Today, I saw that it did, in the simple, honorable actions of a young man from Texas.

    I plan to write Blake, his coach, and the SMU President. It was an impressive moment.

  13. T.J.

    DGC — I personally don’t think opposing teams have any obligation to stay for our Blue and Gold, either home or away, but that is a nice story. I read on another forum that he was offered by Navy.

  14. T.J.

    Was anybody else worried that Ricky Dobbs was going to get injured too on one of the many plays where he was stood up before being tackled? Seemed like a precarious position to be in.

  15. DotBone89

    Now that you mention it, I think he was inducted and was hurt during Plebe summer; then transferred to SMU. Blake that is. Still could go ROTC.

  16. DotBone89

    Roger that, I checked the incoming plebes vs the SMU roster. CSTV all access doesn’t have the game archived yet, so I couldn’t check it from the telecast. Thanks for the pick-up.

  17. Dave'69

    Granted the weather hurt SMU more than it did Navy. But our team had an attitude. It was evident that they had been embarrassed by Pitt and were not going to let that happen against SMU. It appeared to me that they maintained that attitude THROUGHOUT the game – not insignificant considering the conditions. Zig Zigler likes to say, “It’s your attitude, not your appitude that determines your altitude.” Credit the coaches for helping develop that attitude. As long as the players maintain it, they will achieve at a high level.

  18. Stephen

    GoalieLax, if your DVR box is anything like mine, it appears that the buffer becomes full, for the lack of a better term. Try unplugging it from the wall, wait about a twenty count, plugging it back in, waiting about ten minutes, and then trying to play your recording. Best of luck!

    What is the sense of the people here about why Dobbs ran so many times in a row after he came in? My possible theories: 1)it was dictated by the weather, 2) they were going to run that play until SMU finally stopped it 3) Dobbs has been working with the scout team so much he doesn’t necessarily have a high level of familiarity with the Navy offense 4) some combination of the above ?

    Hopefully, I’m not branded an idiot, but I would be interested in y’all’s thoughts on this …

    Oh, yes, and for all the people out there who insist you need offensive “balance”, according to the WaPo today, the last two teams to attempt no passes in a 1-A game both won. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/10/25/AR2008102501663.html

  19. EKW JR

    What caught my eye in this game as far as SMU was concerned was how much trouble their receivers were having with YAC. We have had some trouble wrapping up some receivers this year, but we did not have that trouble with SMU.

    Other examples included Buffin running down the SMU receiver that was off to the races on what looked like a 90+ TD catch and when Navy recovered on the trick lateral back on the punt return.

    My read is that SMU was slower than anyone we have played since Towson.

    Combine that with the weather that doomed the SMU pass game, and we had fortune smiling at us.

    It was nice to see a win like that for Navy.

  20. navyblue12

    I cannot wait for next weeks prediction against Temple. It will go something like this: “This game will be a lot closer than you think because they are bigger, faster, and stronger.”

    And, of course, I will thank you for that very astute prediction.

    Here is mine. We wil win big with whomever is the QB.

  21. pills91

    Um, doesn’t seem like last time we played Temple we blew them out. Unfortunately, is seems most of today’s Navy fans can’t remember past 4 games.

  22. banshee74

    Just a question about our punt returns….we’re losing about 40+ yards a game by simply not fair catching some punts. If you let it hit in front of you and and wave everyone else off, the punting team can let the ball continue to roll. This is especially true near the ten yard line. The return guy should stand on the ten and if in front of you catch it…if it’s going over your head, stand on the ten, wave a fair catch and let it go into the end zone. We’ve ended up inside the five several times by letting the ball hit on the 15 or so, and roll down toward the goal line.

  23. Hey navyblue, did you read the Wake Forest preview where I said Navy was going to hang with the Deacs? Or maybe the Air Force post where I said that even without the full offense, Navy would still win on big plays? Of course not. Did I say anything about SMU being bigger, faster, or stronger? Go ahead and check, I’ll wait. While we’re waiting, maybe you missed that freaking Towson threw for 330 yards against Navy. Are THEY bigger, stronger, or faster than SMU? No. You’d think that a Navy fan would understand how schemes can present matchup challenges to a defense, but apparently that’s only black magic that applies to Navy’s offense. One throwaway line that acknowledges the problems Navy’s had with similar offenses in the past, and all of a sudden it’s weak analysis? Right. If you’re too much of an ass to understand the role the weather played in yesterday’s game, then NavyFan is right. You DO belong on gomids.com.

  24. NavyFan

    Stephen-Niumat said in the postgame that it was the weather.

    Banshee-The wind was ridiculous yesterday, Mario did everything he was supposed to do. The punt he caught at the 10 probably wouldn’t have made it into the end zone. Mario is second only to JB in unfair criticism.

  25. KoutetsuKaigun


    Last game against Temple was a 30-19 win. 2006 was 42-6, and 2005 was 38-17. Not full blowouts, of course, but still nice wins. Prior to those was 2000 and 2001…and those were not good seasons at all.
    Temple is currently 3-5 with their only wins against Army, Ohio, and Miami (Ohio). They had close loses to Buffalo and Western Michigan so it could be close. I suppose it depends on how they are when they take the field.

  26. BilltheGoat

    Comment on ” The Lone Mustang” from SMU’s Senior Associate Athletic Director Mike Vaught, who used to coach at Navy:

    “Blake starts at center. True freshman from Plano HS. His dad was an NFL player and he is from a good family. I thought it was pretty neat also. “

  27. banshee74

    NavyFan..my question was not a criticism of any individual, but a question of approach to punt return fundamentals. One game we had two punts in a row with NO one back to receive.

    The wind Saturday certainly had a major impact, but my concern was what we have been doing all year. Go back and look at each game, and the yardage adds up quickly. All I’m saying is a few fair catches can save us a lot of yards. A question of special teams approach, not a criticism of the punt returner!

  28. Other than one punt that Mario caught inside the 10 a few weeks ago, I don’t remember any play where I didn’t like how we fielded punts. The only time I recall that we didn’t have anyone back to return a punt was against Wake Forest, and that’s because we left the defense on the field to guard against the fake. It made sense because both of those plays were in Navy territory and Wake needed a score.

  29. NavyFan

    Mike is right, that is the only time that happened and Wake was punting from about the 35 and the punts hit inside the 10 anyway. He wouldn’t have caught those even if he was back there.

  30. usmc53

    Any idiot can run into Trev Alberts and have a brief conversation w/ him.
    Evidence of this: I ran into him and had a brief conversation.

    Didn’t mean to name-drop.

    Go Navy!

  31. DotBone89

    I was about compliment Drew-sama on his haiku. Actually, in review of the haikus, all of them are pretty good. Perhaps, Lord High Admiral Bird-dog-sama can rate them and pronounce the winner Samurai and Hatamoto. ( In addition to your other duties )

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