1. 150Punts

    Sprint Football N* game on Friday – if we win, it’ll make it 10 in a row over Hudson High. Not too shabby and I know Jake will have his boys ready for the clash at Rip Miller.

  2. NavyFan

    T.J.-I’m assuming he agreed to it so I’m guessing he feels OK. Do you think they are making him do it? He said in USA Today that he is doing it for recruiting. I think it is pretty cool.

  3. T.J.

    Wagner’s blog said he’s doing it at request of CBSCS. He agreed to do it so he’s either ok with it or at least not overly against it … it just seems like the kind of thing many coaches would not be thrilled about.

    As a side note, I remember in the brief XFL half season one of the gimmicks was that they put cameras in the locker rooms at half time. Only to find out that most XFL players didn’t have anything interesting to say in the first place.

  4. pills91

    There was much to like about the XFL. I especially liked how they decided who got the ball to begin the game.

    And oh yeah, just to update, we ended up winning our League Championship. So, you suckers now have a bona fide professional coach on board who has a Championship on his resume. There is even talk around town of a “promotion” to High School “B” Team coach. :P

  5. GoalieLax

    you should start a message board about your team and try to drag some of the newly-found tards off go gomids so we can all go back there

  6. great08

    OK, so you are talking about the proposed open mike on Saturday here. KN said he’ll probably forget it’s there once the game gets going. He’s probably right, and I think it’s a safer bet to mike him for prime time than it is to mike me (watching Navy). It will keep me at home to wtch the game with audio. How much do you think the commentators will be willing give up mike time for the coach?

  7. KoutetsuKaigun

    pills91, rock on. :)

    great08, some of the best moments in football have come from coaches that are wired up. I am looking forward to it.

  8. Mike,

    Do you have anyting to say about Temple blogger calling for “eight men in the box” defense?


    He seems to conclude that the difference in our performance the last two weeks was Pitt challenged us to pass where SMU didn’t.

    “Assign two the pitch man, two more the quarterback. Don’t allow them to think. Just tell them to react.
    Tell everybody else to flow to the ball. Bring violence to the football. Disrupt plays, put a helmet on the ball, get turnovers.”

  9. NavyFan

    Pills-According to the idiots on gomids if you are a grad, have lots of money and are successful in your career you can coach a football team so you must have lots of money :)

  10. pills91

    Well, I don’t have lots of money (probably because I do things like coach), but, I can tell you that coaching is HARD. Especially head coaching. And, I only run a middle school program with about 45 kids.

    It is ALWAYS easier to armchair QB sitting on your couch, or, in the stands, when the pressure to call the right play and to win isn’t squarely on your shoulders. I would think that USNA grads would understand the decsion/leadership dynamics that coaches go through.

    I can honestly say that the pressure to NOT let down the kids by calling boneheaded plays when they are working so hard to win is the hardest part of the “job”.

  11. I’ll be watching. I’m interested to see how Army’s offense does against a defense that I’m familiar with, to give me a little bit of a baseline. I watched Army play Temple, but they aren’t the same team they were back then.

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