59 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 15

  1. KoutetsuKaigun

    This game was like the Super Bowl last year. All the excitement was in the 4th quarter. I could not believe what I was watching and I am still happily stunned out of my head.
    I will not go so far as to say that it was all Ricky Dobbs, but it did help. I believe that the offensive restructuring to be more pass-heavy is what caused the turn-around.

    Paul, I doubt it. I think he has played too many games.

    My haiku:

    Fourth quarter magic!
    New quarterback and passing
    Threw off Temple’s game.

  2. DotBone89

    Kosar’s got nothing
    on us, my left arm is numb
    where’s my glycerin


    Bernie Kosar is a 1980’s Cleveland Browns QB who led them on a late season-playoff run; late in games. For all you young guys

  3. navyblue12

    Senior Day and the Kaipo lovefest clouded the judgment of the coaches as well as the media and most fans. Anyone watching the game from the outset knew he was not physically able to play.

    The Navy comeback was due almost totally to the heart of the players; as well as some luck and some good coaching at the end.

    Going forward, we need to play the players that are physically able to perform no matter what their limitations are.

  4. NavyFan


    I don’t think he reinjured his hammy. I think he came out because he ran out of gas. Might have tweaked it, but I don’t think he reinjured it per se. Kaipo probably won’t play a full game this year again, but I would be surprised if we didn’t see him again.

  5. Felix

    I can’t wait to see what Ricky Dobbs brings to the table the next two years. It was the most exciting 15 minutes of football I’ve ever seen.

  6. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, that is a possibility. I did not see any other band members around him though. Does not mean much, of course. It just has my curiosity piqued.

  7. Stephen

    Well, they’re on their way to achieving one of their pre-season goals: they just retook the lead in rushing yards per game (yes, Mike, I know you don’t care that deeply). :-)

    In all seriousness, the more practice Dobbs gets with the first team, the better and better he looks. If he doesn’t get banged up too badly, how scary will he be when he’s a firstie??

    My favourite part of the game: when Dobbs took a break from running it down their throats to torch the Owls with the long pass because they thought he couldn’t.

    I wish I had tickets for Baltimore in two weeks…

  8. El Cid '85

    Last night is why I stay until they sing Blue and Gold.
    Rain or shine
    Regardless of the score…

    “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Churchill

  9. pills91

    Just like the Duke game last year, we had no business winning this game. We did because our guys have learned how to win (thanks to great coaching), and, because Temple, just like Duke, hasn’t learned that yet.

    After watching today’s game, I’m starting to worry just a little bit that KN plays it to safe at times. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s a new coach, and, because the team is doing well. Thought he should have gone for it on the 4 & 1 in the 3rd.

  10. NavyFan

    Stephen-Dobbs does get to practice with the first team. They rotate those guys in. Trev Alberts talked about it on the broadcast how Navy runs two huddles and they rotate guys.

  11. BCR9751

    It may be true, but I would pay very little attention to anything Trev Alberts says during the game. I always find myself say “Whaaaaat?” alot when he is announcing.

  12. pipehunter

    Ricky gets plenty of snaps. They do run two huddles, and also work in the #3 QB and even #4.

    As Joe Taylor said after the game, “The Ricky Dobbs era has begun!”

    Ricky was the one of the last to leave the locker room – so excited – and his dad was there to see it. A happy group.

  13. Shack

    Yeah, Trev Alberts does his homework and then goes off on tangents. T.J. Thiel’s first career TD catch was huge. He was so happy–what a great ending to his Senior Day.

  14. Stephen

    Navyfan, Pipehunter,

    Thanks! I end up missing some of the nuance b/c I am usually chasing a toddler around during the game.
    I think we can all agree that Dobbs has a great deal of upside potential.

    The one comment I did hear that got my dander up was when they were talking about how our defense was having trouble because the Owls offense was two-dimensional (like Pitt, unlike SMU).

    What did y’all think about that?

  15. Stephen

    I agree, but I mean, is it your sense that they are 1)showing up some weeks and not others, 2)that they’re limited by the athletes they have to work with, 3)that the defensive coaches are not sufficiently preparing them, 4)???

    I’m not a SuperFan (Daaa MIdddsss), but to me it seems like #1.


  16. usmc53

    Agree w/ Pills. KN was very conservative at times. No one in our section could believe it when the punt team came out there on 4th-and-a-foot in the 3rd Quarter.

    BUT, we won, so I guess that’s why they get paid to coach, and I’m in hell trying to get through law school.

    Go Navy!

    PS. Mike, great blog. Gomids.com has become an insult-fest this season, so it’s great to come over here and actually read about football.

  17. I’m beginning to consider how much the playcalling was affected by our terrible field position most of the game. We couldn’t get things started to try and influence the D. So, we couldn’t get them reacting one way to take advantage. How many counter options did we run? How many PA passes? Seemed we passed only when we had to.

  18. Bill

    Kaipo was ay 75% and probably tweeked his hamstring again.He will be fighting this injury for the remainder of the season. Great job by Dobbs again.

  19. NavyFan

    Stephen-I think you just sometimes have to give the other team credit and their offense outplayed our defense for a good part of the game, but to the defense’s credit they came up with big plays when needed. I actually like Trev Alberts, I think he is pretty good and would be even better with Pete Medurst. Tom Hart is the weak link on that broadcast, not Trev Alberts.

  20. Dave'69

    Great, great game! My daughter and I were doing pushups on the den floor. (Couldn’t get my wife to help.)
    I sure was glad that CBS “miked up” Coach N so we could learn first hand how to engineer a 20 point comeback in the forth qtr. (tongue in cheek).
    Perhaps last week Coach N walked the team over the the new VADM Stockdale statue and had them read the Churchill inscription quoted by El Cid 85 above. It should be featured in this year’s highlight film. Ironic that it was dedicted last week. (Good article in the Annapolis Capital.) What a great place to go to school.
    Looking ahead – while we have a bye week, ND has to deal with a Sat. night game at Boston College – a minor advantage for us.

  21. Gary

    WHERE THE F Did our coaches votes go?
    We had 2 and we won this week and we disappear from any Top 25 consideration and get ZERO coaches votes?
    AF GETS 6?
    Talk about NO respect- now even if we beat ND we will only get a few votes and its pretty obvious to me that we aint getting ANY respect despite certainly deserving of some.
    Again if you got votes and win HOW DO YOU LOSE THEM?

  22. NavyFan

    Plus it was AP, not coaches poll.

    Dave-I don’t get your point about Niumat being mic’d up. If you read Wagner’s story it said they wouldn’t let any play calls, etc. out over the airwaves. Not sure what you were expecting. If you ever watched NFL Films what you got yesterday is pretty much standard.

  23. GoalieLax

    gary, you suck…seriously…you’d be much more at home on gomids than here…some of the new morons there might actually care what you think about such abstract BS as 2 coaches poll votes

  24. Dave'69

    To Navyfan – I read the article which said that CBS would not play back play calls however they still lead me to believe that that the mic was going to be a significant part of their broadcast. My comment was to indicate that to me it was a major bust. The only time it was of interest was at the end of the half when he was letting an asst know that he was aware the clock was running and would call time out with one second. I guess I should credit CBS for at least trying something new.

  25. Dave– CBS College Sports is going to produce a show called Wired: Navy Football, using Niumat’s clips from this game. That’s the focus of all this, not the game broadcast. If you didn’t get what you were hoping for, you’ll probably see it when the special airs.

  26. DotBone89

    Wednesday get here so we have no more political commercials! I hate both (all) sides now!

  27. KoutetsuKaigun

    DotBoone89, I agree. I came home to a door-hanger thing that was proclaiming that I should remember to vote for Obama (and vote for Change) on Tuesday. The amount of money wasted on these campaigns kills me and the environment. There, now they have made me into a hippy. I hope they are happy.

  28. pipehunter

    Hey, watch the TV, Zerb is still around, and Reggie just left a couple of weeks ago.

    Here is another vote for not caring if we get the random vote or two. We’re 6-3, in the bowl, a leg up on the CIC, some high quality wins, I’m pretty happy.

  29. KoutetsuKaigun

    pipehunter, I agree. “Votes” are just a random bonus. I rank the season in the following order:

    Beat Army
    Beat the Colorado University of Narcissistic Thick Skulls
    Beat the Fookin’ Irish
    Break .500
    Get a bowl bid
    Get a bowl win

  30. Gary

    Goalie Lax- I suck?
    You dont even know who I am and you attack me like that- who sucks?
    You dont like my opinions fine but how old are you?
    I like polls you dont and others dont here. Maybe some do.
    I believe in more than CIC- Some here dont.
    I like McCain some dont- so what are you and others gonna do try and ebully me with angry hostile words like my 12 year old daughter says to me?
    Talk like a man and just say- you dont agree.
    Too much sucks- morons-idiots from people who barely listen in the first place.

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