You pinhead mental midgets have something to say, so go ahead. You can’t do that without a great DEFENSE! Just don’t be BLOOTERS! Love up on Army and Air Force all you want, you traitors.

Or we can talk about Michael Walsh’s 5th year of eligibility, Notre Dame-BC, Ball State-NIU, what the new presidential administration could mean for the future of the Alternative Service Option, a get-together for the Eaglebank Bowl that won’t cost $300 a plate, or how ridiculously underrated the basketball team is. Your call.

122 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY OPEN THREAD

  1. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, how about this?:
    Do you think Obama will be at the Army-Navy game? And, if he is, how heavily ramped up do you think the security will be?

  2. NavyFan

    I think Bush will be at Army-Navy, not Obama. Bush will still be President.

    Basketball team is underrated and that is a good thing.

    I hope Ball State wins tonight. The NIU game makes me very nervous.

  3. KoutetsuKaigun

    NavyFan, I know. I was just curious as to whether Obama would make an appearance since he seems to have more than just a passing interesting in college football.

  4. Gary

    Maybe Joe Biden ( Mr Cut military by 25%) will represent the new Admin. and Country Joe & The Fish can sing the national anthem too! Yeah that would be more like what Obama would do.
    But its not his call and we dont need to see them there.
    Maybe John McCains last hurrah as he should take the time now to leave the political ring and live his life in comfort with his great family.
    Thanks John you gave it the best try that you could and my family for one (6 actually) voted for you in Demoland (NY) and are proud of what you accomplished.
    You are a great American Mac.

  5. goat7ed

    But he has shown little to no interest in the military. Did he visit any bases or units other than the media fest trip?

    Will he invite the CIC Trophy winner to the White House? Clinton presented his on the road several times, including at the stadium after the 1996 A-N game. Bush could make one last presentation.

  6. Gary

    Good nip- I too would be worried about NIU the last game of the year on the road for us.
    I think that will be a very tough game to win and it will become a BIG statement game for that team to win since them beating a NAVY would carry alot more weight than us beating them thats for sure.
    They will be all pumped up for it and we will be thinking ahead a bit I am sure.

  7. EightyFiver

    We hear a lot about how ND has improved on offense–better pass protection and a much improved cadre of receivers.
    Does anyone know where they stand on D? I’m encouraged that they have only a single prep week 4 us. (They often have 2.)

  8. has a google spreadsheet of their performances:

    They seem to be very good against the pass, and average against the run. Michigan, MSU, Stanford and Pitt all had > 150 yds rushing. It looks like when teams want to run against them, they can (exception being UW, which are pathetic).

    I’m more worried that they improved from last year’s 119th place in sacks allowed to be pretty good this year. The QB for our game is much better than the guy from last year – and it shows.

    Oh, and they are #2 in the country in KO return coverage (16.6 yds).

  9. goat7ed

    1996 CIC trophy winner presented at the conclusion of the Army Navy game in Philadelphia.
    1998 CIC trophy winner presented in June 1999 at Doolittle Hall at USAFA.
    1995 CIC trophy winner presented at the White House in 1996.
    The other five Clinton presentations also took place at the White House.

    Reagan, Bush and Bush, from what I could find, presented every winner at the White House. I could not find anything on Carter, Ford or Nixon hosting the teams or seniors.

  10. 150Punts

    Dobbs is the X-factor. Unleash the Dobbs!

    Also, would love to see BC physically beat up on ND Saturday night. Tough road game for the Irish before the roll into the Big ATM (M&T Bank Stadium).

  11. Team Team, Damn Team

    We have to go with the QB that will give us the best chance to win. Athletic ability alone won’t cut the mustard with the Irish. We need precision T.O. execution to counter the athletes on the Irish D.

    I love Dobbs’ running style and he has a cannon for an arm, but can the O move against ND with pre-determined plays?

    Let’s just say that I’m glad I’m not KN these next two weeks. It won’t be easy to decide who gets the start (unless Kiapo is 100% and that is doubtful).

  12. Paul

    I think Dobbs has to get the start but should be kept on a short leash by the coaches. My personal observation is that Dobbs has the ability to execute a more TO plays tha JB (of course, that doesn’t mean the execution is going to be crisp) and the offense needs to prevent the Irish from clogging up the middle of the field and keep them honest by getting to the outside sucessfuly. The offense seems to become very simple with JD behind center – pound it up the middle with FB or a QB keeper. My feeling is that Navy is going to need to go score for score with ND to have a chance.

    Of course, if Kaipo is healthy this is a moot point.

    I think a Navy victory against ND would take the sting out of yesterday’s results for many!

  13. Phil

    I agree, I think Dobbs has to start just from the fact more elements of the TO would be available and there’s a faster execution. If JB is in there, I fear a between the hash marks game plan where ND’s size difference will matter more.

  14. Paul

    OK, I realize that in the SMU and Temple games Dobbs ran the QB keeper on the vast majority of plays. However, I’ll chalk some of that up to the weather and the fact that the plays were wokring.

    I am impressed by Dobbs’ running ability, he’s the future of this team at QB and ND would be a good chance to see what he can do in the starting role. Plus, he’s the hot hand at the moment (and the only one of the 3 QB’s that is not injured).

    Please feel free to rip my argument to shreds…

  15. Navy'72

    Has anyone noticed that on the ’09 schedule Navy plays 12 consecutive weekends, zero byes, until Army? Not very bright in my opinion. Opening up with Ohio State on the road is tough enough, but no byes over course of 3 months is an rx for losses.

    Mike, your take?

  16. Why do people want to keep talking about “the future” and “seeing what Dobbs can do” when there are still four games left in THIS year? Each game is too important to treat them as glorified scrimmages. The best player for this year needs to start.

    Now, maybe that’s Dobbs. And if you can argue that, great. But I don’t think the seniors on this team want to treat the last 1/3 of their last season as just a learning experience for the quarterback.

    I guess you guys don’t agree, but JB looked pretty good running the option in his last couple of games. If Dobbs is better it’s because of his arm (and his health at the moment). Maybe that’s good enough for you, but I really don’t think that the triple option itself is necessarily better in Ricky’s hands. Yet.

  17. Pete

    We’ve seen some of what Dobbs can do…he can beat you with his feet and his arm. Kaipo can do that when healthy, but he isn’t healthy and he ain’t getting any healthier. It took him five weeks to get back in a game after Wake, and he looked very tentative. Then the same thing that happened at Wake happened v Temple. We all hope he can get to 100%, but hope is not a plan. JB has shown he can do it, too. He just has been inconsistent, and a little plagued with crappy field position.

    We can talk all we want here, but the coaches are watching all three every day, and no question they’ll pick the guy that gives us the best chance to win – right now.

  18. GoMids

    Why do people say “cut the mustard?” Who cuts mustard? Wouldn’t the mustard just come back together after you cut it? That said, is there anyone out there who actually can cut the mustard?

  19. em en

    Walsh, Nechak, Frazier, and Tuani all coming back. I wonder if this prompt more four-man front packages. It should also be interesting to see who is going to sit when they run their normal 3-4. Most of their defensive issues com from tackling receivers in space yet the DBs still play back off of the receivers. With ND’s big OL, they will need to blitz creatively and often.

  20. jimbear

    Dobbs and JB both aren’t great at reading T/O and executing entire playbook. Since that’s equal RD ability to throw, run with power and make plays give him a big edge over JB in my book. Kaipo hamstring won’t allow him to put it in overdrive when he gets a seam. It’s a shame for Kaipo but I think Ricky gives us the best chance to win right bow IMHO

  21. LM

    Dobbs ability to pass the ball will create a real concern for any team trying to shutdown the TO. The DB’s will not be able to fill so quickly. The reason we have been able to complete many of the passes attempted is because the DB’s were playing option first; they won’t be able to do that with Dobbs in there.

  22. 901458

    Did you guys see Ball State dismantle NIU last night? It was embarassing…I felt bad for NIU. Ball State won 45-14 and the second NIU touchdown was against the Ball State scrubs late in the 4th quarter. Makes me hopeful that Navy will be able to play NIU competitively since we gave Ball State a pretty good game.

  23. Keith

    Is there any good reason why Shun White is not on the field to return kickoffs and punts? Look at the success we had with our star slotback Reggie Campbell last year. Our special teams this year aren’t exactly burning down the barn. I think Shun could create a little excitement out there.

  24. NavyFan

    Keith-Probably because they don’t want to risk injury and Shun does not have the greatest hands in the world. I could see him as a KO returner but not as a punt returner.

    By the way, to correct my typo Davis is NO Riley Skinner.

  25. football dad dan

    Keith –> The real reason is that SW has “technique issues” catching the ball that would make him more of a liability fielding kicks. NF is right that if anything, .. it would be kickoffs only.
    That being said, … they sure haven’t “found/tried” the best guys back there (for whatever reason???).

    GO NAVY!!!

  26. Shack

    That is a good point NF. Fans rarely attend practices and don’t know the real situation. However, Pete is right–the guy has been gingerly making his way to the 18 yard line. I would have to think that guys like James, Finnerty, Doyle, Shinego, and Barnes would all be better. I also have a hard time believing they could stop Kevin Campbell before the 20 yard line.

  27. football dad dan

    NF —> No I haven’t attended every practice, … but have been to a few, + have been told by a few very reliable sources (in my book anyway) who do attend many/all the practices that we haven’t gone deep enough “into the well” to perhaps get a couple of guys back there to improve upon the production of the K.O. returns.
    Takes a special mindset (along with the athletic skills) to be a successful K.O. returner. I personally know of one player on the team who was dynamite @ it in H.S. … but I’m not the guy getting paid to make those decisions … but as a fan, I’m entitled to voice my opinion about what we see on the gridiron Saturday afternoons.
    I personally have no problem w/ MW as Navy’s Punt Return guy –> very reliable hands a must there.

    GO NAVY!!!

  28. KoutetsuKaigun

    JDJMilford, so Bryant will start? That shoulder injury must not have been as bad as it looked and Kaipo must be having so serious issues.

  29. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, here is one for you to play with.

    Assuming that all three quarterbacks are healthy come the Army-Navy Game I suppose that coach Niumatalolo would go to his original plan of having Kaipo under center with Bryant as a slot back. If that is the case, do you think there would be any time when he would put Dobbs in as the other slot, considering his running ability? Even if it is to just spell the regular slot backs or to confuse the Army defense.
    I think that having Bryant in there (if it ever happens) makes for quite an interesting option to have a passing-slot back. Added Dobbs in there would double it.

    Or am I thinking too far into the future?

  30. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, just saw your Kaipo comment. And I am afraid that I feel the same way. :( I had high hopes of seeing a stellar senior year from him.

  31. NavyFan

    I agree that Greg Jones was definitely not the answer. Perhaps Corey James is the answer. He sure looked good last week. Forget Bryant playing slot back. He hasn’t been there since early fall. We have plenty of good slot backs. I would not be surprised if Kaipo was back for Army. Forget about ND and Northern Illinois.

  32. Dobbs runs hard, Kaigun, but he isn’t all that fast. Slotback might be the deepest position on the team. At this point in the season I’m pretty sure that whatever switching around that was going to happen has happened.

  33. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, fair enough. It is a shame, though. I was intrigued to see if the Bryant-at-slot back thing would work out long term.

    In regards to the impending Notre Dame game, I am sure they will have the same desire for revenge that Pittsburgh had. Do you think that it will help them or hurt them?

  34. Kevin

    Why is Jarod Bryant starting against Notre Dame? In my opinion he has had 5 straight bad games this season. Ball State, Duke, WF, Air Force, and Pitt. I know that we beat WF and Air Force, but i still thought the offense look bad with him under center. In the WF game he came in with a 17-0 lead and could not do anything with the offense until a late turnover set the offense up with great field position. The only things that saved us at Air Force were the 2 block punts for TD’s and the fact that Air Force football players are prima donna losers. I think that both Kaipo and Dobbs would have lost to Pitt, but either one would have been able to move the ball better than JB. Why does he keep getting chances to play? At any other school this decision would cause an outcry from fans and alumni. Naval Academy Alumni don’t do this becase we have been so trained to support even the worst of command policies. Dobbs is good, but he will not be able to pull us out of a hole against ND created by 2 JB fumles and a INT. I’ll end by preemtively answering the typical message board response to a Jarod Bryant critique. No I do not think I know more the KN, No I have not attended any Navy football practices. I really dont care what they do at practice, all I care about is what happens on the field.

  35. What happens on the field involves a lot more than the quarterback. Go back and read the Pitt post.

    Do you think we’ll be able to run the same offense we did against SMU and still have a shot against Notre Dame? Do you think we’ll be able to run the same offense we ran in the 4th quarter against Temple? Ricky’s done some great things, and Niumat said he’s earned playing time. But that doesn’t mean he’s the better choice.

    At this point last year, people were screaming for JB to start because he had stepped up in relief of Kaipo and led us to victories against Duke and North Texas, plus a comeback against Ball State. I know what I see on the field, people said. Well, now we all know a little better.This is no different.

  36. football dad dan

    “Saying you’re a “fan” is a little disingenuous, FDD.” –> So how do you figure Mike/tbd???

    I was a fan of Navy Football back when I was a Mid, … and have been cheering/supporting the team ever since I graduated in 1977. Just because I have the son playing for Navy now, … and the (Heaven forbid) audacity to voice an opinion doesn’t make me any less qualified to be a fan.
    And I’m certainly more objective than most –> Get over yourself please.

    Beat Notre Dame!!!

  37. There are no qualifications to be a fan as far as I know. But you do have a conflict of interest. Don’t tell me to get over myself when you’re patting yourself on the back for your own “objectivity.”

  38. Matt

    I think, if healthy, JB is probably the better QB to start against ND. But only if he’s 100%. If nothing else, he’ll limit the mistakes that could lose the game. Dobbs is still learning the offense. If he hadn’t thrown that interception against Temple, there would have been less of need for the ‘miracle’ that followed (assuming that drive ended with a TD for Navy). With that being said, if JB can’t move the ball against ND, then I see no problem putting Dobbs in to provide a “spark” – or whatever you want to call it. At the very least, it’ll keep the ND defenders guessing.

    Also, it looks like the Irish are dealing with injuries to their QB as well, but I’m sure he’ll start against us…

  39. 901458

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the Pitt game to see JB play. If JB has improved his TO skills, great! I really like the kid but my biggest concern with him going into the Notre Dame game is his penchant for fumbling the ball. He has proven he has a problem holding onto the ball, and we cannot afford any turnovers against ND if we want to have any shot at winning. The coaches have a real tough decision to make here going into next weekend. I dont envy them.

    I hope is BC kicks the crap out of ND and totally demoralizes them, forcing fathead Weis to dive into several boxes of Krispy Kremes to drown his sorrow.

  40. Rob

    Regarding those “Everybody felt JB was better than Kaipo last year” arguements: I don’t think JB 2008 is the same as JB 2007. JB 2007 wasn’t a fumbler yet. From what I see, he runs much more cautiously now in a conscious effort to protect the ball. It is the same outcome we get with Kaipo not wanting to tear his hamstring. Big runs aren’t broken and a couple of yards are given up here and there which results in less first downs and less scoring.

    RD has no hang-ups yet because he is new. He can run more freely because he hasn’t cost us a game doing it yet so there is nothing holding him back mentally.

    The difference shows.

    Have we learned nothing from the lessons of Top Gun and Days of Thunder?

  41. EKW JR

    Three “objective” sports:

    Track & Field / Cross Country



    A whole lot about football is objective – headlined by the scoreboard, but there is a whole lotta subjective, too, getting to those “objective” scores.

  42. football dad dan

    So how does cheering for my son make me any less of a Navy Football Fan than you Mike … And please explain to me what is the perceived “conflict of interest” that You claim I possess that makes my stating to be a Navy Football fan “disingenuous” in any way, shape or form???
    If you have bothered to read my various posts throughout the year, … You would know that the vast majority of the stuff I “contribute” to both tbd/GoMids is factual & generally well thought out. And most is objective! —> So “pat on the back” deserved. (o;
    I apologize for the “get over yourself” comment –> It was just a reaction to being miffed by the undeserved “disingenuous fan” comment.

    No one should ever be ashamed to cheer for their sports-playing kids … nor be afraid of petty jealousy(?)-driven attacks by others who perhaps just don’t agree with your opinion..

    Beat da Irish!!!

  43. football dad dan

    Well said EKW JR.

    Rob — Are you likening RD to Tom Cruise’s characters??? –> Oye Vay! Excellent point about JB 2007 & JB 2008 though.

    Go Navy!!!

  44. FDD, nobody’s quantifying fanhood. I said your comment was disingenuous because it’s only part of the truth. You’re a fan of the team, but also a fan of your son. The best interests of the two aren’t always the same. When you say:

    “I personally know of one player on the team who was dynamite @ it in H.S. … but I’m not the guy getting paid to make those decisions … but as a fan, I’m entitled to voice my opinion”

    that isn’t the “fan” talking. That’s all.

  45. Rob

    Mike, Yes, he did fumble just as much. But he wasn’t a “fumbler” when people believed he should start over Kaipo. After it was apparent it was something other than bad luck and Kaipo started playing well, that talk died down.

    Right or wrong, he now has a rep as fumbler. Other teams know that so they go for the strip on every play which makes things worse.

    So just like last year, we have a starter -JB and sub – RD. RD has not shown us fans who only watch games any reason why he shouldn’t be the starter. Hence – the call for RD to start which is entirely logical and, I think, shouldn’t be dismissed with a comparison to the JB – Kaipo controversey of last year.

  46. football dad dan

    Mike … But SOMETIMES the best interests of those two ARE the same. Don’t honestly think you are “qualified” (wrt knowing my son and/or me) enough to make that arbitrary judgement/attack on me. The one thing I am not is a liar … and the word “disingenuous” does imply that.
    At least my statement/opinion responding to the query about K.O. returners is based upon some factual personal knowledge/observation … not so your characterization of me.

    Concur w/ the fact that JB had a couple/3 significant fumbles last season –> I didn’t carefully read Rob’s post, … so missed the sentance saying that “He was not a fumbler in 2007”. Albeit I suppose the frequency is “up” this fall???

  47. FDD, the word means what it means. I can’t help what you choose to take from it, but as long as you’ve been reading this blog I would hope you’d know better. But you’ve clearly campaigned for your son more than once here.

  48. Rob

    Mike, I’m saying that because people wanted JB over Kaipo last year and were proved wrong does not, by itself, make the desire to start RD over JB wrong this year.

    I see a hard running RD that leads the Offense to touchdowns and a much higher clip than the other QBs this year. The main arguement against RD is that he doesn’t run the TO as well. But I do see the Offense move when he is in. Throw out SMU if you want. We scored alot when he was in against Temple. We did not play well in the 3 quarters he wasn’t in. Until I see the reverse, where RD gets stalled and another QB comes in and the offense moves, I’m going to prefer to see RD play.

  49. While it’s true that past trends don’t guarantee anything now, it goes way beyond just last year. In 2002, people wanted Polanco to start over Candeto. In 2005, people wanted Hampton to start over Lamar. In 2006 and 2007, people wanted JB over Kaipo. Now people want Ricky Dobbs. The point is that each time, the coaches knew what they were doing. I’m not saying that coaches’ decisions can never be questioned. But I am saying that maybe there’s more than meets the untrained eye.

  50. Gary

    Is there anyone that really thinks starting Dobbs with 76,000 (65,000 for ND) is a good idea?
    I would think JB is the one who should start and can they let the guy throw some passes like we started vs Pitt?
    We are gonna have to open up to beat ND again-thats for sure.

  51. LM

    And Dobbs provides another dimension… his arm. A one dimension QB makes defensing the option a whole lot easier. JB is a good guy but he cannot throw a lick.

  52. Gary

    Do you see him handling the crowd? pressure of ND fans screaming so he cant hear @ his own “home game”?
    I think JB would be better but wait a minute ?
    Whatever happened to JB from the slot and you combine both? Get RD and his arm to hit JB in open quick slants?
    There is no way we can plod Kettani into that line down after down expecting a break.
    It could have the look of one of our games against “the mighty” where we look afraid to do anything and its the safe – 3 runs and out.

  53. LM

    Dobbs appears cool. I don’t think the crowd will bother him. You just have to get the opposing “D” to think about more than one thing. I’m telling you his arm will create real problems for any “D”.

  54. Gary

    Your mouth to Gods EAR LM- I am all for whatever -whoever we got in there to beat ND.
    This would be a great accomplishment to beat them 2 straight years- and we gotta do it now because ND could be scary the next few years!
    Lets hope that if anything BC at least beats them up this week and they get some injurries (bad news that Toal wont be in at LB for BC) since finally they dont get a week off for us as has happened too many times lately.

  55. DJ

    The only logical reason for starting JB against ND is the fear that RD will freeze or crack under the pressure of playing in front of 75K on national TV against one of the most storied college programs in history. If JB plays well, you keep him in. If JB struggles, you put RD in and he has nothing to lose. However, it’s hard to start RD and pull him if he struggles.

    That being said, I do not think JB has earned this start. He has been very below average this year and has made countless mistakes. I fear that ND will eat him alive and we will see RD before half. However, there is probably more risk starting RD than JB.

    Does anyone think Coach Ken’s love affair with JB is similar to PJ’s love affair with Matt Hall?

  56. DJ

    As far as Reggie Campbell returning kicks, he also had Zerbin and SW at the 2 & 3 on the slotback depth chart. Even if SW was our best kick/punt returner, I don’t think we have the depth to allow him to go out there and get hit 10 more times a game.

  57. KoutetsuKaigun

    Hey all, I have been watching the Notre Dame/Boston College game on the ESPN GameCast and it appears that Clausen has been picked off four times. Can anyone who watched the game tell me if Boston College was that good or was it Clausen that was that bad?

  58. Gary

    BC played well and tough against them and didnt allow any running game-plus they pressured Claussen.
    We better not allow ND to find any running game against us but also will need great secondary play because we will never generate the pressure vs ND that BC did.
    ND REALLY SUCKS- Period they have beat nobody and are still overhyped.
    I am sure after getting whacked around by a tougher team they are looking forward to playing the smaller Mids.
    God I hope we BEAT them 2 years in a row!

  59. KoutetsuKaigun

    Gary, I share your hope. If the secondary plays like they did against Wake Forest then it appears that Navy will be in good shape. Frazier and Tuani seem to be falling into place as excellent linemen.

  60. Matt

    ND had no offense against BC. But our defense will probably make the ND offense look at least average. Unfortunately, that’s the way it seems to go against the Navy D. Our offense will need to score some serious points to compete with ND.

    Beat the Irish!

  61. Gary

    Roger that guys!
    We will need a monster game from Nate- like he played against them last year.
    Unfortunately our 3-4 D enables a big bully team like ND to have its way most times. Watch for their first decent rushing game to happen- We then need to count on Powlus- I mean Claussen to be he usual jittery-overrated self.
    I wish we would come out with a 4-3 wrinkle on D and maybe surprise them.

  62. Gary

    BTW-Time to start the ND week topics no?
    I hear many of their fans are actually wanting Shipley in there at QB and personally I dont want to see any changes.

  63. Anonymous

    First, ND may not have looked good vs BC but we are not BC. We’ll have trouble stopping the run like BC because of their huge size advantage, ala Pitt. That forced ND to throw. Remember, no matter who we play at QB, we’ll be prohibitive underdogs. Plus, ND was not too shabby defensively.

    As far as the KO return goes, Reggie was exceptionally talented in tight spaces and had breakaway speed. What we know is that the guys we’ve had back there this year ain’t Reggie. No big surprise. I do not know if the blocking has dropped off from last year – a big possibility. I’m sure if SW was any good at it, he’d be back there. But we’ve put a bunch of guys back there, so you know the coaches are searching for “the right guy”, and the chances are those who have been mentioned have had their opportunities in practice. Jones was a head scratcher, though. Very Tentative. He looked like Kaipo last week, going into tackles turning his back to the defenders.

  64. 901458

    I’m still pissed that obvious helmet to helmet contact was not called against WF on that vicious hit against Angelo. The GD ref must have been blind not to see it – I could hear the contact on my TV.

  65. Shack

    1) If you think JB is a better option than RD, then you are a pinhead mental midget. In addition to being “Slippery Ricky”, he is a better passer. We only play SMU once.

    2) One of the reasons Angelo got lit up at Wake was because he was pussyfooting.

    3) “Frazier and Tuani seem to be falling into place as excellent lineman.” Yes, but Nechak leads the team in sacks, tackles for losses, and has more tackles than either of the two.

  66. Pete

    Those guys have had some good moments on the D line this year. We’ll need tough run D and pressure on the QB to have a shot vs ND.

    As far as JB or Dobbs, I can see why the coaches will start JB. Senior, Captain, played alot more than Dobbs……and bringing Dobbs off the bench removes a lot of pressure from him. I agree he seems like a cool customer, but he’s played well coming off the bench. Naming him starter changes the dynamic.

  67. pipehunter

    Anyone who pays attention knows that both JB and Ricky have had issues taking care of the ball. It is not new this year with JB, he had issues with it last year too.

    Ricky does make mistakes on the field. Indeed, on the “miracle” TD pitch, he went the wrong way.

    I am already feeling sorry for Ricky next year when he gets blamed whenever we don;t score. Point being that there is a helluva lot more going on each play than just what the QB is doing.

    KO returns have been an issue, and the coaches have been and are looking at lots of guys. If Shun was going to be back returning, it would be kicks and not punts – Mario has that covered. I thought after the Towson game that they would not dare risk him returning, but with his production down perhaps tthe thinking may change. And yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing Shinego back there either.

  68. Pete

    Pipe – if Ricky went the wrong way on that TD pitch versus Temple, did Kettani recognize that and go with him? Just wondering how he happened to be there. Dumb luck or great play? Or both?

  69. KoutetsuKaigun

    Shack, you got me. My fault for neglecting to mention Nechak, he is definitely the better of the linemen at the moment. However, I do not think that he has had to improve as much as Frazier has. And Tuani is just impressive for a plebe.

  70. KoutetsuKaigun

    Hey all, right now Boston College sits on the #9 spot in the ACC with 8 teams currently eligible. Virginia is one above them in conference but needs one more win to be eligible.

  71. Shack

    KK–No problema. Thanks for acknowledging the oversight in such a gentlemanly manner. The whole D-line has been good this year. Especially considering we run a 3-4 and all of them are often double-teamed. Tuani could end up being a great one.

  72. Shack

    Good points on RD, Pete. He may be better coming off the bench and JB has way more experience. I just don’t have much confidence in his throwing ability and think that we will need to throw against ND

  73. KoutetsuKaigun

    Shack, not a problem. I know when to admit my errors. :)
    Next year should be great for the defensive line. Frazier and Nechak in the last year and, presumably, with the skills at peak levels. And if Tuani continues to improve, then only good things can happen.

  74. KoutetsuKaigun

    Hey all, side note on Kaipo. I was thinking about a 5th year of eligibility (after a comment on here a few days ago) and despite what I said before I think it may indeed be possible for him. I think he needs to have played 30% or less of time in the season in order to be eligible. As it stands now, I think he would just be under that if he did not play at all for the rest of the season. Kaipo has played in four games and he did not play the entirety of any of them. Rutgers was the closest, I think.
    If he had played them in their entirely then, at the end of 13 games (bowl included) he would be at 30.77%. Sounds possible at least.
    Anyone care to weigh in on this possibility?

  75. Pete

    Kaipo is on track to graduate in May, and has no debilitating injury like Walsh/Sovie/Deliz that would have him leave school to recover. I say this is not likely, although nothing surprises me today. Additionally, “back in the day” no one went home to recover from surgery…..a practice I find a little greasy. I wonder if this occurs for the average midshipman?

  76. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, I was not suggesting that they should. I was just wondering if it was possible. I am trying to fully understand the “medical red shirt” thing.
    I am fully ready to see Dobbs take over next year and to enjoy the memories I have of Kaipo and Bryant. And I would hate to see Kaipo miss out on the chance to graduate with is classmates.

  77. KoutetsuKaigun

    Mike, what are the different requirements for the academy? I am guessing the injury would have to be bad enough for the midshipman to have to withdrawn from academy activities for the duration of the healing process. Anything else?

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