24 thoughts on “MAYHEM!

  1. Nicole

    On a note completely unrelated to the bowl game, ND just blew it against Syracuse. Ha ha.

    BC/Wake is really close right now, too. Is it even remotely possible to predict who Navy will wind up playing at this point?

  2. DotBone89

    Navy Mom and now Nicole, guys we better shape up before the ladies make us look bad! ;-) (I’m using this winking thing a little too much)

  3. usnamom

    Hey, my thrill of the day was talking (briefly) to Coach Ken on my way back to the car on the Yard this morning. I said “We think you’re doing a great job Coach and we’re having fun watching Navy football” He said “Thank-you very much ma’am” I got in my car and promptly called my son in Corpus Christi (husband was down there visiting too) Woot!

  4. GoalieLax

    The ACC might not have a marquee couple of teams like like the Big XII or the SEC this year, but top to bottom, they’re pretty solid (and extremely young).

    Georgia Tech needs Dook or UVA to beat VT and PJ’s going to the ACC Championship Game.

    NCSU is on the brink of turning the corner. After dealing with a lot of injuries, they’re finally getting it together. Their QB, Wilson, is probably the best QB in the league right now. He missed 2 games this year due to injury and was knocked out of the South Carolina game with a nasty concussion. He’s thrown one pick this year (vs. Clemson)…that’s one pick in 211 passes with 14 TD’s.

    I’m hoping NCSU can beat Miami and end up in the Congressional Bowl.

  5. GoalieLax

    oh, and congrats to FSU’s Rolle…he now has to choose between playing in the NFL and studying at Oxford after winning a Rhodes Scholarship today

  6. Gary

    MAJOR KUDOS to Syracuse for doing something we couldnt do – BEAT ND.
    If that lousy team gets a Bowl bid and $1M then we should get voted half their share because if it were not for us ND would not even be bowl eligible.
    Thanks to us they may get a nice bowl game and we deserve a share.

  7. GoalieLax

    BTW, we should be more embarrassed by our loss to Dook than anything else this year

    just finished watching parts of their game vs VT…what a terrible, terrible terrible offense they have

  8. KoutetsuKaigun

    As it stands right now, no matter how the Maryland-FSU game turns out, North Carolina is sitting at the #9 spot. Whoever wins this one will be sharing the top spot with Georgia Tech.

  9. KoutetsuKaigun

    And, if I remember correctly, Clemson needs one more since they played two I-AA teams. Clemson, Virginia, and NC State all need just one more win to be bowl eligible. Duke is the only one that can not make it. Not a bad showing for the ACC this year.

  10. Anonymous

    DotBones: O’Brien may be a grad, but I don’t want him anywhere close to our team or any mids for that matter.

    GoalieLax: I would have agreed with you re the Duke loss being the worst, until Syracuse beat up on ND. Navy may be ND’s pinacle this year — it’s top victory.

  11. EKW JR

    Clemson would be a load. I think that their D is near the top of the ACC, and since they got rid of Bowden, they are improving.

    I think that they may well take SC down next weekend, too.

  12. Gary

    Navy is THE reason ND gets a Bowl game- we saved their season and probably got Charlie another year.
    Syracuse had the size to punch them in the face and ND had no guts to respond to it.
    No matter how bad the team was its size was what allowed it to beat ND and that is where we always fall short against them.
    Regardless we should hope whatever team comes to the Bowl game with us is not too oversized- a Clemson would eat us alive.

  13. GoalieLax

    i’d give 85% odds on weis getting fired after this season because of the ‘cuse loss. if anything keeps him there, it’s the economy and his buyout, not the Navy win

  14. Gary

    Some truth to that but more truth to the fact that we enabled them to become Bowl eligible and get that couple of million for their troubles.
    That being said if we beat them and Syracuse did too and they get the expected slaughter-economy- buyout or not wouldnt matter one bit with the howling alumni reactions- he would be gone.

  15. GoalieLax

    Notre Dame will not be going to a big name bowl unless they somehow shock USC this week. The Gator Bowl will not be able to take them with a 6-6 record. Even if they did get the Gator Bowl, after travel and expenses, they don’t make a couple million dollars.

  16. Dave'69

    It would be nice if Clemson beats S. Carolina, VA beats Va Tech, NC State beats Miami thus giving the ACC 11 bowl eligable teams. If Duke beats NC, it would add to the mix at the bottom, improving our chances of getting a good match up. While we are dreaming, we might as well root for Wake to beat Vandy and BC to beat Maryland to improve their attractiveness at the upper part of the ACC ladder.

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