Army week, you know.

I also wonder if any of the Notre Dame fans who commented on my postgame breakdown would like to revisit their statements.


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  1. Charlie Weis needs a SegWay. Notre Dame owes Ty Willingham an apology. And Lou Holtz is still crazier than a rat in a tin sh*t house.

  2. Hell, ND owes Bob Davie an apology also.

  3. Salty Sam98–Two out of three ain’t bad. No one owes Ty Willingham an apology. I hope it isn’t too close but I think Navy must find a way to get the ball into Tyree Barnes’ s hands a few times Saturday.

  4. Who cares about those guys? They owe ME an apology!

  5. I still hold firm to my statement that Navy LOST that game more than Notre Dame WON it!

    Navy-NIU breakdown???

    BEAT ARMY!!!

  6. How can you say that Navy lost it more than ND won it? We were losing convincingly until the final few minutes!!! If you’re point is that Navy lost it because of bad blocking and execution, well that’s very AF of you.

  7. Navy-NIU breakdown???

    Heck with that. I’d rather have a breakdown of why Army’s defense seemingly gives us fits. Why are other teams always calling them to find out how to defend the option?

  8. Mike,

    Not to change the subject entirely, but …… what adjustments did PJ make at halftime to totally blow open the GT-UGA game? It didn’t look like a different set of playcalling — did the blocking schemes change? Or did UGA just forget that they had to play both halves?

  9. I might break down that game for some of the Georgia Tech folks later on, but right now I’m behind on two Navy games…

  10. Dude, let him break down Navy games before we start worrying about GT games!

  11. I find myself wishing that I recorded the GT-Miami game…

  12. Mike – my first visit. Very impressive, very enjoyable. (thick austrian accent). I’ll be back.
    Beat Army!

  13. I love Wags, but I wish he would stop using terms like “hot shot” and “sensation” when referring to Ricky Dobbs.

  14. I find myself wishing that I recorded the GT-Miami game

    Don’t sweat it. I have a feeling we’re gonna play NC State and not the U. The ACC will find a way to send the Pack to DC especially since they actually want to go to that bowl game and seemingly no one else does.

  15. wishing you had a recording? man, i can’t believe I get to drop some internets knowledge on you

    tenyardtorrents my son – almost all the big tv games get posted there

  16. BTW, CBSCS is showing the 1998 and 1999 A/N games this afternoon (Army won in 98, Navy in 99 for those that don’t remember)

  17. jgish92, … If you & I both saw the same game (especially that 1st half), … than you should fully understand where I’m coming from.


  18. I am in the middle on this ND/Navy issue. Navy allowed ND to take the control of the game, and in the 2nd half, ND finally decided to take it. Lets leave it at that.

    How crazy is it that we will play the “9th team” from the ACC and they have 10 eligible teams, yet we are two weeks away and there are about a half dozen teams in the mix…and none of us have any idea.

  19. The game was winnable. ND’s offense did nothing in the first half that led me to believe they should have had ten points going into the locker room, and nothing to make me believe they would get seventeen coming out.

    If they won the game, it was in the 3rd period. We lost the opportunity in the first half, and came up short in the 4th quarter.

    Not saying we should have won, but it was a winnable game, and I agree with dan’s statement.

  20. Im with the guys that are saying we lost to ND they did not beat us.(That make any sense at all? You know what I mean).
    I mean after all we forced them to punt more times in 1 game than in the last 10 years or so it seems.
    Also I still think the only thing that saved Weis was the fact that he got a Bowl game courtesy of us and was able to get some $$ for their aggravation.
    He lost to us-Syracuse and USC and it was hasta la vista Charlie.

  21. Man, jgish is right. You guys definitely stepped in a pile of Air Force.

  22. Sometimes ya gotta calls ’em like youz seez ’em!

    BEAT ARMY!!!

  23. Back to the topic of Army – anyone going to the game on Saturday? This will be my first Army/Navy game, courtesy of my uncle’s friend who’s an alum. Definitely looking forward to it. I just hope it’s not too cold out.

  24. I will be there and it will be cold (high around 40, maybe). The only bright spot, is that Navy is on the away sideline which is in the sun most of the game.

    On the whole ND subject, the only thing that irks me about that game is it was winnable, shoulda been a win, and ND would not be bowl eligible.

  25. Wholy different note … I am seeing Gladchuck will waive the “no rematch” clause. My assumption – this will negatively effect ticket sales. I live in NOVA and will gladly shell out $$$ for tix to see something new, but will stay home if the opponent is Wake.

    I’m getting nervous about Army. Must be Thursday, by kickoff I’ll be convinced the Woops are BCS bound.

    Go Navy (thanks Mike for the website and your efforts)

  26. Bummer about Wake in the EBB. I am surprised that the ACC could not work something out with the NCAA so Wake could be the at-large team.

  27. I’m not. That rule exists because the ACC did that exact thing with Wake Forest back in 2002.

  28. What sucks is Wake lost head to head w/ NC State, but still technically finished above them in the Atlantic Division even though they have the same exact conference record.

    If the bowls are able to try and work some shady deals (i.e. Humanitarian Bowl briefly flirting with a Boise St./Ball St. matchup and squeezing out their ACC tie-in altogether), why can’t the conferences? Hell, the ACC is so muddled this year that they’re not even going in order of bowl assignments so why not get funky and help Wake go after an at-large elsewhere. It’s like the ACC is talking out of both sides of their mouth.

    I can’t believe I’m going to sit in musty RFK at 11 AM in two weeks to see the same team I drove down to Winston-Salem in September. Oh yeah, and we’ll see them for Homecoming next year.

  29. Also, Perry Hudspeth is on the ACC Bowl Selection Rules Committee. And he just called a chop block on us.

  30. Here’s a suggestion for the drafting of the next bowl contract:

    Clause 1: No rematches.
    Clause 2: To the extent that NCAA rules or the tie-in conference would require the bowl to violate Clause 1, the bowl is relieved of its tie-in deal with the conference and is free to offer an at-large bid, to any team regardless of conference affiliation.

    Feel free to pass this onto Chet. I’ll send my invoice under separate cover.

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