72 thoughts on “WIRED: NAVY FOOTBALL

  1. GoalieLax

    first thing i did when i got up today was set the dvr on my HD box and set the autotune on my SD box…no matter what tv is on, the show will be on

    been watching army-navy all day here on CBSCS

  2. midwatchcowboy– If you watch the game, here’s a few things to look for:
    1) Look at how Army lines up. It’s the same as Pitt & Notre Dame.
    2) Watch how the Army DE actually GRABS the OT to keep him from getting to the middle linebacker.
    3) PJ’s adjustment is to run the double option, using the FB to block the MLB.
    4) Look at Army’s overpursuit. PJ could have done a lot more if he wanted to. I think he held back.

  3. GoalieLax

    rivers is my FFL QB…pour it on baby!

    well men, i’m off to geek out and slay some zombies in Left 4 Dead (single life FTW!)

  4. jimbear

    Awesome production. They definitely picked the right game. Best ad for Navy football since NFL films did CW 1996 1997 teams led by Chris Mc Coy

  5. David

    hey, if anyone recorded it, could they post it on youtube or this blog or something!? i was trapped at college with no way to watch it!!!

  6. 150Punts

    I got chills watching the show last night even though I knew what was coming. Great all-around production, made me feel good to be a Navy fan. Oh, and then I finally watched the whole 1993 game again for no apparent reason. And, yes, Booch STILL missed the kick. I was hoping 15 years would have made him line up differently. Oh well.

  7. jgish92

    Unbelievable shout out to “the Birddog blog” on the Sportsnight show a minute before “Wired” started. I had to rewind to make sure I heard it right!

  8. Well now that the news has broken…

    Navy will be wearing white. They’ll have blue pants, though, with a USMC blood stripe down the side, framed in gold.

  9. Gary

    Ughhhh Army wearing camo-helmets etc? That sounds putrid and strange- and maybe a bit desperate to change anything?
    If we dont touch the helmet Navy should look ok as long as I never see those blue and script Navy helmets of the “wide right” variety again!
    Bring back the hoops of the great 63 team again- for good- its time we did something-plus that Gold was not a Michigan gold/maze and would get us away from the ND copy.

  10. 150Punts

    I feel like the ghost of Weatherbie is back with the blue on blue/white on white uniform abominations.

    Maybe we should wear khaki uniforms…

  11. GoalieLax

    lol – so Sal saying Navy might have new unis is all it takes for thebirddog to spill the beans? :)

    BTW, I love that Sal Interdonato puts forth as one of his main reasons he thinks Army will win is

    ready for it



  12. lol – so Sal saying Navy might have new unis is all it takes for thebirddog to spill the beans? :)

    I swore him to secrecy because I was sworn to secrecy. Once it’s published it’s fair game though.

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