70 thoughts on “Postgame Haiku, Vol. 18

  1. lazarus

    Can you please now give Coach Green and the Defensive staff an apology. If i remember correctly you said Army and Air Force had true military defenses. I think back to back shutouts for the first time in 30 years, and shutting out Army for the first time in 30 years says it all. Maybe i should run this blog? I told you all along that our defense is the best coached defense in the country and it was proven today.

  2. Anonymous

    Just got out of the stadium. What a great game to have been at. And awesome to see Kaipo back and able to play in his last A/N game.

    Now all that’s left to do is cross my fingers for a bowl matchup with anyone but WF.

  3. Nicole

    Just got out of the stadium. What a great game to have been at. And awesome to see Kaipo back and able to play in his last A/N game.

    Now all that’s left to do is cross my fingers for a bowl matchup with anyone but WF.

  4. Lazarus, this is what I said:

    “It was really, really depressing to watch the Army-Air Force game and see how well two service academy defenses could play, only to change channels afterwards to watch Temple throw the ball all over the place.”

    If you want me to apologize for saying that Army and Air Force played a good defensive game that day while Navy struggled, I will not. I don’t know how you’re related to Buddy Green, but you blew my comments way, way out of proportion.

  5. T.J.

    Awesome showing … to borrow an old adage, Navy played like they’d been there before.

    As a side question, where’d you watch the game Mike?

  6. pills91

    I think you’ve been reading the wrong site. Most here are BG fans.

    I think a lot of folks, especially over at gomids.com, should be eating some BG crow right now.

  7. I watched the game from my recliner. My father was at the game, though. I asked him what he thought of the uniforms. The conversation:

    “So what’d you think of the new uniforms? I thought they were great.”

    “Yeah, Navy looked pretty sharp.”

    “What about Army? For a one-time thing, I thought theirs were pretty cool too.”

    “I don’t know, I thought they looked like a bunch of duck hunters.”


  8. T.J.

    I loved the quick shot of Kaipo and Kettani showing 7’s just before the end of the game. Looked like real teammates at the end of a hard-fought regular season there.

  9. El Cid '85

    It was cold outside,
    Navy’s uni’s were cool
    The D was hot…

    That wacky delayed draw…hadn’t we run that before?

  10. seafox

    My wife and I guesstimated 60 people, all very vocal, for our gathering out here in the Pacific Northwest. Very special to have all the NAVY and Army fans in attendance standing with hands on hearts for the singing of the “The Blue & Gold.” General consensus was that while Army’s camo helmets looked cool and were a very appropriate nod to our military personnel, the pant and jersey combinations were less likable. Anchors on the shoulders of NAVY’s players also got a thumbs-up.
    Only negative was when all the Gonzaga fans spilled over from the room with the 20 x 20′ screen next door, and questioned why we wouldn’t switch our screens over to the Zag-Indiana basketball game.

  11. Xavier

    As a Birdog myself I will say,
    All Navy dogs would agree
    Navy opened duck hunting season today,
    and blew the duck hunters away!!!

    Go Navy Beat Army and Win the Eagle Bank Bowl!!!

  12. 150Punts

    Great time in the stands. Actually liked both unis for the one time appearance…I changed my mind when I saw them in person.

    Still love this game and pinch myself every time I get to see it. My dad said he kinda felt sorry for Army and I replied with this: 1992-1996. No apologies for 7 in a row, folks, no apologies.

    D played awesome. Just seemed like every one of Army’s series was pre-ordained for a punt. Hats off to the coaching staff for getting every ounce out of the boys these last two weeks.

  13. Phil

    According to my TV lineup, CBS College Sports will rebroadcast on Monday from 9-12 so those of us at the game can watch the broadcast of it.

  14. Loved the fire KN showed after big plays and his emotion in the postgame interview. Pretty clear that he gets it. Hope we’re able to hold onto him for a while.

  15. johnny

    Postgame quote of the day-

    Reporter- What did you think of Army’s uniforms.

    Kettani – “I don’t know. I never saw them, they were camouflage. One play, I was just running and bam, I got hit by some guy I didn’t even see.”


    Sitting in the end zone with the player parents near the end of the game, we had possession on the 1yd. There was a TV timeout. Kaipo and the guys turned around and waved to the parents and fans. Hammed it up a bit. pure kaipo moment. gonna miss him

  17. Gary

    Kudos for the great roar the stadium gave President Bush! I thought his kicking the football was a classic moment-and not too bad either.
    I would like to see the anchor on the helmet (gives us something to seperate from ND).
    But keep the unis away from any permanency please.
    I continue to amaze with my stupidity thinking a heavy passing game from Army may have been in the works and Mike you will never have to worry about the keys to your blog- EVER.
    I am here to provide humor-frustration and amazement even if unintentionally!

  18. Russ

    Does anyone besides me feel that Bryant should have been used at QB or even SB for at least a couple of possessions toward the end? His last Army game, and he did contribute quite a bit to the team this year.

  19. Gary

    Th shame of that is JB will never be able to even have a picture to show his kids etc…that he played in the Army/Navy game- I too found that a bit unfair to the kid who was voted by his teammates as Captain and graced the media guide.
    He deserved at least a quarter in a game well in hand.

  20. DJ

    Is Collin Mooney
    Better Than Navy’s Best Back
    Kettani Says No!

    I told my dad before the game that Kettani would play well because of a chip on his shoulder and Eric proved my words correct. Mooney’s a nice runner and probably a good kid, but let’s be serious here: he’s honorable mention behind Eckel, Kettani, and Ballard. Let him rack up his yards against Eastern Michigan, Rice, and company.

  21. DJ

    Yes, we have. I just don’t want to have to see Army’s advertising campaign: “Army Football: A tradition of Davis, Blanchard, Dawkins, and Mooney!”

  22. Gary

    TJ- Splittin hairs but I know that and he deserved to get some snaps dont you think?
    Its a moot point anyway.
    I also agree Mooneys yards were racked up against even more inferior teams than Army- another reason why they cant compete with us and next year looks like absolute tops 4 wins again-its gonna be a long-long time.

  23. David

    I’m glad to see Kaipo get to play again, but I think Bryant should’ve been in for at least a quarter. I thought Army’s uniforms looked pretty cool, more fitting for an “Army” sort of look that anyone who hadn’t been around a service academy would expect to see. Still liked Navy’s though, wonder what the home team jersey change up would’ve looked like.
    Props to Buddy Green on a great day. I was praying as the game went on that Army wouldn’t score, just so we could have back to back shutouts. Almost wished Navy would’ve gotten a safety or another field goal on them though just so they could have gotten the highest point difference in the rivalry’s history.

  24. Gary

    OH great Wake Friggin Forest- just what we dont need and thats a total disaster for us- we aint beating that team twice in one year.

  25. 150Punts

    The only thing that will make this situation better if the game is played in the middle of an ice storm. Hey, I’m thrilled to continue the season and go to one more Navy football game, but who could be excited about this matchup?

    Can we have fun speculating where we might have gone at-large if we hadn’t sold our soul to this bowl game?

  26. Section 130

    Hard to b’lieve this is the same crowd that endured all those years of losing to AF, winning two or fewer games a year, getting blown out by Connecticut et al… Although we might not be too stoked at facing Wake, I can not imagine that they’re very happy either – and they won’t put five thousand butts in their allocated seats.

  27. T.J.

    I know what you mean about JB Gary, but I think he would have gotten a couple snaps if Ram didn’t return the INT for a TD. I just think putting him in for the whole 4th qtr is probably too soon in this tight a rivalry.

  28. football dad dan

    Say David –>My Plebe year (1973 season) we beat Army 51-0 … So wandering how another FG/Safety would have set a “record” for “point differential”???

    GO NAVY!!!

  29. Gary

    It was a pretty glib first impression when I found out it was Wake and especially since we needed every break and fumble to beat them-I still find it hard to do a repeat.
    Now add to their familiarity and that in this game if Skinner is on (he was off the last one) that presents more troubles.
    Plus Jim Grobe wont allow another loss to same team to happen-this is one great coach we are against a second time.
    But…….the more I think of it and the fact that they DONT want to be there- WONT have any fans there and if the weather is a bit cold N nasty that it will play into another win for us.
    What are we looking at maybe 30,000 in the stands?
    If their attitude of not wanting to be there exists then we can beat them like we did Cal in that Aloha Bowl way back in the “Fay day”.
    Personally the ACC should have exchanged NC State for us and let Wake play Rutgers.

  30. Xavier

    With a healthy Kaipo, an offense that seems in sync and on track, and a defense with great momentum and hard-hitting execution…..

    We’ll kick Wake’s BUTT for the second time on the 20th!!!

  31. Moose '95

    I love my little AFA grad I work with. He says such the cutest things. “They need to swap Army and AF on Navy’s schedule to make it a meaningful game. Everyone knows THAT is where the true rivalry is.” All I could say was, “Ummmm…. no.”

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