Holy crap I almost forgot.


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  1. Everyone post your EagleBank Bowl seats!

    Sec. 522, Row 17, Seats 9-11

    And who just got the article about the game’s terrible bowl swag? lollers. Not exactly the digital camcorders and PSPs they got from the other bowl games.

  2. do people actually use portable DVD players anymore? sheesh

    Sec 522, Row 20, Seats 10-14

  3. My kids do.

  4. I haven’t gotten my tickets from NAAA yet, but I have 6 somewhere in VIP seating.

  5. In the regular season:

    ACC 6 – SEC 4

    Just something to think about.
    Navy JV accounts for two of them wins.

  6. My kids also use the portable DVD player.

    What “swag” did they get?

    Oh, and my seat for the bowl is in my living room.

  7. My seat will, unfortunately, be at work. At least it will be right after the game. If the kickoff is still 1100 then I have to catch a nap between 0800 and then. Then try to nap again between the end of the game and 1900 before I have to go back in to work…

  8. Sec. 333 Row 14

  9. Random statistic: Navy is undefeated versus Army at Lincoln Financial Field

  10. Living Room!

  11. Family Room, somewhere in the Pacific, early hours of the morning. Congrats and well done to Coach Niumat, staff, TEAM on all of their efforts and a job Well Done! Beat Wake!

  12. Around the 20 yard line on the field, I believe.

  13. Showoff

  14. Oh, and pills:

    “Worst package: The EagleBank bowl in Washington will give each player a Sony 8-inch portable DVD player, which is pretty cool. But, not to be outdone, they will also give away a wool hat, as well as a 50-by-60-inch EagleBank bowl afghan. “

  15. at my congressman’s local office interviewing candidates for nomination to a Service Academy and sneaking a look at my Blackberry for score updates

  16. KK,
    Navy has never lost a game to anyone at Lincoln Financial Field! We obviously need to schedule the 2010 Notre Dame game there.

  17. Why did we ever leave Philly for that game?
    You would think OK Baltimores nice but split with Philly-no?
    Anyone miss ole JFK? Anyone here old enough to know I am talking about the stadium?

  18. People complain it’s cold in Philly but the 2 times I have been miserable were both at the Medowlands. BTW Sec 109 row 11 seats 1-7

  19. Gary, 8 times at old JFK, Army=1959 Joe Bellino! 1963 Roger! 1965,1966,1967,1968 me?!? ND = 1965,1967. Weather always bad even if sun is up(cold). Fortress like appearance with towers and clock(not digital) at north end. Wooden seats planks (although for 6 of the games we stood). Visual was very low perspective and far from the field. Always over or close to 100,000 fans. For ND game it seemed like Philly did not allow mids in uniform to pay for anything(drinking age 18!) other than the room. Army game not as much of a freebee. Never remembered how we got downtown or on the buses back to USNA but great times.

  20. JFK For several form-ups, the Stones, the Who, and some football game, which I can’t remember. Remember the trough urinals?

  21. 70dave:

    Thank you for your efforts!

  22. Wow thanks for the great JFK memories- If you want there is a site dedicated to the demolition of that great old place. I guess if you type in JFK Stadium pictures or demolition you will find them. Its pretty sad. I always recall games there were full and gray and cold. I recall those metal railings along the stands like road rails and yes that old clock and just the vastness of the place. Back then were ND fans still louder and more into game than Navy fans were at those games?
    Check out that site if you havent already.
    It will bring some more memories to you.

  23. jgish92, I would not mind that if the stadium was not so strangely built. Those silly gaps do not help the wind chill factor at all. I wonder why they did not make like most stadiums and have an unbroken perimeter.

  24. Type in JFK Stadium and enjoy the trip- you can see also the end of ughhhh Veterans Stadium too-that place to me was no personality just another Bowl.

  25. Army board reporting that Brock has been canned

  26. Confirmed – it’s all over the press. The revolving door swings again…

  27. Shock- whos the next victim?

  28. EBB tickets — Sec. 445, Row 9

  29. I played in JFK in 73,74 and 75. I fondly remember the stalactites in the locker rooms. It really hurt when they started to park the city garbage trucks there.

  30. It’s weird how different Army-Navy experiences can be. I actually get nostalgic for Astroturf.

  31. Bet you don’t miss the A-burns Mike.

  32. Tha last game @ Meadowlands with Candetos record day was one of the coldest games- if not the coldest i ever went to.
    I wonder of 2010 will be next one for new Meadowlands stadium?

  33. I say that as a spectator and NOT as a player!

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